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Procore Estimating: Automated Area Takeoff

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: May 2022 / Feature Released: June 03, 2022

Save Time on Estimates with Automated Selections

Procore has added a new Automated Area Takeoff feature for the Takeoff tab in the Estimating tool. See Run Automated Area Takeoffs (or see this tutorial for the standalone Procore Estimating application).

Instead of needing to manually trace outlines of each room while adding a takeoff on a floor plan, you can now click one button to have Procore run a room detection across one or multiple drawings. After the detection is complete, you can select all the detected areas for a drawing at once or select specific rooms individually. This feature significantly helps to save time and improve efficiency during the takeoff and estimating process.


  • Automated Area Takeoff is currently only intended for floor plans.
  • Since this feature uses machine learning technology, more accurate results are achieved over time. In addition, results are cached so that subsequent runs are completed faster.
  • You have an option to click Run in Background to keep working an receive notification when the process is complete.


With an area takeoff is selected on the Takeoffs side panel, click Select Rooms.


Select whether you want to run the detection on all drawings, the current drawing or if you want to manually select drawings instead.


After you click Run Room Detection, click Run in Background if you want to work on other tasks and receive a notification when the process is complete.


Instead of needing to manually trace each room, click Select All to automatically select all the rooms that were detected. If you need to remove a selected area, click to deselect it. When you're ready to confirm the takeoffs, click Use Selected Takeoffs.

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