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Reports: Enhanced Reporting for Financials

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: July 28, 2022


Enhanced Reporting for Financials

Procore has released various enhancements to the Company level and Project level Reports tools for reporting on Financial Management tools. These enhancements are now generally available.

Enhanced Reporting allows users to create reports with data from multiple and related Procore tools on both active and inactive projects with a modern, intuitive interface.

Click here to view an in-depth walkthrough video for these features and to see examples of the reports you can build with Enhanced Reporting for Financials.

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Notable Features

  • Enhancements to filtering, grouping and sorting data
  • Enhancements to creating calculated columns
  • New adjustable column width and additional updates to layout functionality
  • New ability to combine data from multiple Procore Financial Management tools in a single report
  • New ability to report on inactive project data at the company level
  • New ability to report on ERP synced status
  • New ability to report on DocuSign status

Report Examples by Client Type

Main Contractors

  • Completely configurable budget detail reports
  • In-depth payment applications reports
  • Vendor-focused reports showing the total contract and variation amounts per vendor across current and past projects
  • Synced status reports to easily see everything synced with accounting across your company's Procore account
  • Configurable variation logs with aging information


  • Vendor historical performance reports that compare actual committed and variation amounts organised by cost code
  • Detailed payment application reports with vendor, cost code, payment application details, draw period and amount requested data (plus direct cost information for full draw packages)

Speciality Contractors

  • Flexible budget reporting
  • Payment application and direct cost reporting
  • Cost code reporting to show all vendors and objects associated with a cost code
  • Contract and variation log reporting

How to Access Enhanced Reporting for Financials

If you are interested in using Enhanced Reporting, start by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Company level or Project level Reports tool.
  2. Click +Create Report.
  3. Click the Create New Report tile.
  4. Under Select Data Set > Product Area, click Financials.
  5. See Create a Custom Company Report or Create a Custom Project Report for more information.

Note: Currently, only users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level and/or Project level Directory tools can use Enhanced Reporting.

Interested in how others are using Enhanced Reporting for Financials? Join the conversation in Procore Community.

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