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Procore Implementation Roadmap



Procore's Customer Success team is dedicated to ensuring that you will have a successful rollout of Procore's construction management platform across your entire company as well as on any new construction project. With the purchase of professional services, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager at Procore that will guide you through your services and the execution of your company's priorities in implementation.

Ownership, Optimism and Openness are Procore's core business values. We hope you join us in adopting these same values, especially during the rollout process. Together we will work as a team to ensure that the entire implementation process is both efficient and thorough. The goal is for each member of your team to be sufficiently trained on how to use Procore to perform their respective roles and responsibilities. 

Choosing your Procore Committee

In order to ensure that Procore is rolled out successfully, it’s important that your organisation’s Procore Committee is identified early on in the process. The rollout of Procore across your company will be managed by the team you put together. It's recommended that this team consist of the following roles:

Executive Sponsor(s)

  • Someone who has a vested interest in seeing Procore successfully rolled out across your organisation, but will not be involved in the day-to-day activities of the implementation.

  • Typically filled by a C-level administrator (i.e. Vice President, President, CEO, etc.)

Procore Advisor(s)

  • Procore Advisors (PAs) are the key stakeholders for the rollout of Procore to your company. The PAs will coordinate the implementation schedule with your contact at Procore. They will be responsible for actively participating in the implementation process by attending consultations and developing standard operating procedures. PAs will be the main points of contact for training questions from internal employees and will be responsible for escalating issues to Procore, if needed.

  • We recommend choosing project engineers, project managers, and/or office administrators to fill this role. Ideally, these individuals will be involved in the first project(s) your firm manages using Procore and are excited about adopting a new technology to run more efficient projects.

Team Representative(s)

  • Input from end users is critical to the overall success of the implementation. These individuals will provide your internal team of Procore Advisors with valuable feedback to help develop your company's specific processes and ultimately use Procore in the most efficient and value-adding way.

  • In general, the role is occupied by Project Managers (emphasis on financial tools), PEs/APMs (emphasis on collaboration and field tools) and occasionally Site managers (emphasis on field tools). It’s best to choose people who have projects coming online the soonest in their office/market sector AND are tech savvy and excited about adopting a new technology to manage their projects.

Please work with your company's implementation contact at Procore to ensure that the right people are selected. Each organization's internal team of Procore Advisors will look different, but we highly recommend that the roles listed above are identified and filled.