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Are commitments private by default?


Yes. When you create a new commitment in the Project level Commitments tool, a tick appears by default in the Make this visible only to administrators and the following users box in the 'Private' area, shown below. This ensures the commitment is only visible to users who have been granted 'Admin' level permissions on tool and any users that you specify in the 'Select A Person' drop-down list.

Only users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Commitments tool can see line items on a commitment's Bill of Quantities (BOQ). To change this setting, place a mark in the Allow These Users To See BOQ Items tickbox. Then select one (1) or more users from the Select a Person drop-down list. 


  • Privacy settings for new commitments can be managed at the tool level
    A Procore user with the required user permissions can change the default setting for your environment using the Configure Settings page of the Commitments tool. For instructions and permissions information, see Configure the Default Privacy Settings for the Commitments Tool.
  • Privacy settings can also be managed on an individual commitment
    Privacy settings allow you to grant specific users the privilege to view a specific commitment and/or its Bill of Quantities. For example, you might want to provide a downstream collaborator with permission to view their commitment contract with your company. To learn more, see Change the Privacy Settings for a Commitment.