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Do I need to create Procore user accounts if our company implements SSO?


Yes. User accounts must be created in the Directory tool for everyone who will access your company in Procore. Procore does not support automatic provisioning with SSO at this time.


  • When creating accounts for users who WILL authenticate through your Identity Provider 
    • The Procore user account's login email and the primary email address for the user in the Identity Provider's Active Directory must match exactly.
    • Procore passwords only need to be set for users whose company has configured SSO to "Allow Password Login" (also known as IdP-initiated flow). 
  • When creating accounts for users who will NOT authenticate through your Identity Provider (any user whose login email address does not contain a targeted email domain)
    • Create Procore user accounts using each contact's desired login email address. These users can log in to the Procore web application ( directly. 

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