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How do I add unit-based line item details in Procore's budget import template?


If you plan to import the line items on your project's budget, your Procore project's downloadable budget import template will include columns for entering the unit-based details for each line item: Unit Qty, Unit of Measure, and Unit Cost.

There is also a Manual Calculation column where you can choose true or false for each line item that you import (see Manual Calculation (Column D) illustrated below):

  • Choose 'True' to indicate that you want to enter the 'Budget Amount' manually. This means you want to enter an amount in the Budget Amount cell. You can also enter the line item on the budget after the import is complete. 
  • Choose 'False' to indicate that you want Procore's budget tool to automatically calculate the 'Budget Amount.' This means you can leave the Budget Amount cell blank. 

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