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What are the data points for Capital Plans in Portfolio Financials and Capital Planning?

The information in this FAQ applies to accounts with the Portfolio Financials product in Procore. Reach out to your Procore point of contact for more information. 


Below is a list of the data points for Capital Plans and what they mean:

  • Project Budget: This is the most recently published budget from the project page. This can be updated at the Project level in the project's Budget tab.
  • Comparison: This is a dynamic column that provides the ability to select any previously saved version of the capital plan to compare against the Total Capital budget. This column will display the Live Forecast by default.
  • Variance (Comparison less Total Capital): This is the difference between the version of the capital plan selected for comparison and the Total Capital (explained below). The variance will show in red if it is either over or under the total capital budget.
  • Total Capital: The sum of pounds allocated to a given project over the years that it spans. This is calculated on the capital plan itself as the sum of the individual years. You can think of this as your total budget or budgeted capital.
  • Past Year Actuals: This is the total amount that was issued on a project in previous years. This can be expanded to see past issued values for each year.
  • Planned Spend: This is the total Capital less past year actuals.
  • Variance Explanation: This is the free text field where users can provide an explanation for a project being over or under the total capital budget.