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Procore (en-GB)

What is a specification set?

In Procore, a "specification set" is used to describe a single specification file or a group of multiple specification files that are related to each other and should therefore be grouped together within the same set.

For example, on smaller construction projects, you might only have a single specifications book (aka "Spec Book") that's delivered by the Design team as a single PDF file. Depending on the complexity of a project and/or how specifications are issued, a Main Contractor might receive multiple specification files. For example, you might have a unique set of specification for different phases of a project or for specific scopes of work. Or perhaps a variation resulted in an ASI (architect's special instruction) being issued during the course of construction. In such situations, you may find it useful to either group multiple specification files into the same specification set or create a different specification set for each file.

Before you create a new specification set, you should take the following conditions into consideration.

  • Is the new specifications file a revision to a previously uploaded specifications file?
    • If yes, you may want to upload the newer file as a revision to existing spec sections.
    • If no, it might make more sense to upload the file into a new specification set.
  • Are items within your project (e.g. submittals, RFIs, etc.) linked to existing spec sections?
    • If yes and the new specifications file that you want to upload into Procore contains changes that affect the same spec sections, you may want to upload the newer file as a revision to existing spec sections as opposed to creating a new specification set in order to preserve the linking between the related item and the related spec section.

Since there is no right or wrong way to use specification sets, the key takeaway is to understand how you can best use specification sets on your project to give you better visibility and control over all of your project's specifications.