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What is an assignable permissions template?


User access to the tools in Procore is typically managed using permissions templates

Permissions templates are managed in the company's Permissions tool, where users with the appropriate permissions can: 


In Procore, an assignable permissions template is a permissions template that non-Admin users can assign to other users. Users still need the proper granular permissions to edit another user's permissions template. Which templates you can assign are based on the settings in your own permissions template. 


Jack is a Project Coordinator at Nelson Main Contractors. His manager wants him to manage subcontractors.

Jack is assigned the permissions template, 'Project Coordinator - Internal'. This permissions template allows him to create and edit users. Additionally the 'Subcontractor - External' permissions template is selected as an 'assignable template' that he can assign to other users.

Based on his permissions template, he can create and edit users and assign them to the 'Subcontractor - External' permissions template.


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