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What should I know about Approval Workflows in Portfolio Financials?

This information is intended for accounts with Portfolio Financials product in Procore. Please reach out to your Procore point of contact for more information. 


Company Admins can create and manage custom approval workflows for reviewing or approving items. These workflows can be simple or complex and can be used for items in Portfolio Financials such as tender, contracts, budgets, variations and payment applications.

Important! If your account does not have the self-serve Approvals feature enabled, you will need reach out to your Procore point of contact for any changes to approval workflows. 


Can an item be approved out of order?

Yes, teammates in the approval chain can approve an item out of order. However, all individuals in the chain must approve before the workflow can be complete.

What if I forget to approve something?

You will receive regular email reminders to approve if you forget to do so. Email reminders will stop once you address the approval request.

Who can resubmit a item for approval?

Anyone in the approval workflow can resubmit an item for approval by either by either canceling the existing workflow or rejecting the item.

What happens when an approval request is rejected?

Members of the approval workflow will be notified by email when an approval request is rejected. The original sender will likely be the one to request a revision and re-submit the item for approval, at which point the workflow will resume.

Can CC'd colleagues approve on my behalf?

No, CC'd colleagues are unable to approve on your behalf. They will only receive email notifications to be kept informed. 

How do I cancel an approval request?

To cancel an approval request, click 'Cancel this approval request' on the approval page.

Who is notified when an approval request is submitted?

When an approval request is submitted, the next person on the approval chain will be notified via email.

How do I edit an approval workflow?

If you are a Company Admin using the self-serve Approval Workflows feature, you can edit approval workflows in Company Settings. See Edit an Approval Workflow Template. Otherwise, contact your Procore point of contact to edit an approval workflow.