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What's the difference between Procore's user import and vendor/company import templates?

User Import Template

Procore's User Import Template is used to add or update user records and associating them with an existing or new vendor record. (New vendor records created using the User Import Template can only include the vendor name. If you need to add or update additional vendor-specific information, you can use the Vendor Import Template.) User records are created for any individuals who collaborate in your company's Procore account. User records contain information about each person including their name, phone number, email address and permissions template.

When importing your directory for the first time, we recommend performing a user import first and then performing a vendor import afterwards. There are certain optional fields in the vendor import template that require a user's email address that must already exist in your company's directory.

Vendor Import Template

Procore's Vendor Import Template is used to add or update vendor records (also known as company records). Vendor records are created for the subcontractors, suppliers and other entities who do business with your organisation. Vendor records contain information about each company including its address, main contacts, trades, cost codes, tendering and insurance information.

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