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Why is the 'My Open Items' list not showing tasks that have been assigned to me?


There are two places where you can view your 'My Open Items' list:

Some common reasons your 'My Open Items' list might be empty include:

  • Items have been reassigned to another user. For example, you were added as an 'Approver' on a submittal, but the submittal creator reassigned the 'Approver' role to a different user. The item would now appear on the other user's 'My Open Items' list. 
  • Items were assigned to you, but the item itself is in the 'Closed' status. For example, you might be the 'Assignee' on an RFI, but the RFI creator has changed the status of that RFI to 'Closed.' Procore always removes items in the 'Closed' status from the 'My Open Items' list. 
  • Items have  been assigned to you, but a due date has not yet been assigned. For example, if you are designated as an 'Assignee' in the RFIs tool but the RFI has no 'Due Date' it will not appear in the 'My Open Items' list. Procore does NOT place items in the 'My Open Items' list unless the item has a due date. 
    Note: Action Plan items will still appear even if a due date has not been assigned. 

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