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Why would the file size of a model increase in Procore?


A 3D model file that has been added to Procore can have a larger file size than the original file.


Procore uses a proprietary 3D file format in order to load models in the Procore's 3D model viewer. BIM file formats (such as NWD from Navisworks® and RVT from Revit®) can vary significantly and use different technology to handle and store geometric data and object metadata. When Procore extracts and converts data from an original authoring file format, the resulting model file in Procore can end up being larger than the original file. 

In addition, the specific compression and optimization inherent to Navisworks® and Revit® can sometimes be lost when extracted and converted into Procore's file format. 

  • Both NWD and NWC file formats from Navisworks® are compressed formats, which are typically smaller file sizes compared to the original CAD or BIM data. The amount of compression depends on factors such as the complexity of the models and the amount of metadata.
  • Revit® software is specifically optimised to handle complex BIM data within its proprietary RVT file formats.

When this data goes through extraction and conversion into Procore’s format, some of the inherent compression and optimization may not be retained, contributing to the increased file size in Procore.