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View and Download 3D Models in the Documents Tool


To process, view and download 3D model files within the project's Documents tool.


Generally, most contractors of a company do not have the ability to view 3D models (such as Autodesk® Revit® files) because of not having access to the necessary application. With the model viewer in the Documents tool, all project users can quickly access and view 3D models directly in Procore.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Additional Information:
    • This feature does not require the Procore BIM product. Any project user with permissions to the 3D model files in the Documents tool can view and download them.
    • This feature is not available in the Company level Documents tool.
    • The Procore generated model will be the entire model. It will NOT respect any hidden items or section boxes.
    • Revit® models import the Default 3D view (designated as {3D} in the Project Browser in Revit®). If this view does not exist, it will be created automatically.
    • Navisworks® models import the latest save view as the default view.
    • The following file types are currently supported in the 3D model viewer in the Documents tool:
      Note: The latest modeling software versions are typically supported 6 months after their initial release. Support for additional file types will be added in the future.

      • Revit® (.rvt) 2017-2022
      • Coming Soon Navisworks® (.nwd, .nwc) 2017-2023
        Support for Navisworks® files is currently in a phased rollout and is not yet available on all accounts.



  1. Navigate to the project's Documents tool.
  2. Locate the 3D model file that you want to view.
    Note: If the file has not been processed yet, click the file and select Process File. Files that have already been processed have a tick icon next to them and files that are currently processing have a spinning icon. The processing time depends on the size of the model.
  3. Click the file to to open the model in the viewer.
    Note: This opens the model in a new tab. If this is your first time opening the file (or if you have cleared the cache on your browser or are using a different browser or computer), the model will need to download before you can view it.
  4. With the model open, you can use several tools to navigate and examine the model.
    Note: The model viewer within the Documents tool is based off the viewer in the Models tool, but currently does NOT have the following functions: Objects tool, 2D Drawing Views feature, Active Collaborator feature and the Co-ordination Issues View side panel.


    See details for the following actions below:
    Note: See Use Keyboard Interactions to see all actions that are available using keyboard shortcuts.





Properties: View Object Properties

Measure: Measure Distances Between Objects

Settings: Change Measurement Units

Keyboard Interactions

To select the following actions from the navigation toolbar on a model, press the corresponding key(s) on your keyboard.

Tool or Action Keyboard Key or Command
Return to Home Viewpoint CTRL+0 (Windows)
CMD+0 (Mac)
Select Default tool V
Select Fly tool F
Select Orbit tool O
Open Views window ALT+V (Windows)
Open Objects window ALT+O (Windows)
Select Measure tool M
Look left Left arrow 
Look right Right arrow
Look up Up arrow
Look down Down arrow
Move forward W
Move left A
Move backward S
Move right D
Move up vertically E
Move down vertically Q
Hide selected object H
Return to last selected navigation tool

Close any open windows

Hide measurement info