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Procore Android App - Troubleshooting Tips

If you are using the Procore Android app and run into an issue, see the following considerations:  

If you are still experiencing an issue within the Procore mobile app after trying these steps, please contact Procore Support. You may be asked to report an issue, which will send logs from the app to our team so we can help troubleshoot. See How do I report an issue from Procore's mobile app?
1. Check Your App Version

Make sure you are using a supported version of the Procore Android app. Find out the Procore app version number that is currently installed to your device by looking at the bottom of the Sidebar screen in the app.  To get to your Sidebar screen, tap your avatar circle.

We recommend using the latest versions of both Android software and the Procore app. See Procore for Android: Getting Started.

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2. Refresh the App

Sometimes you may need to refresh the app manually. For example, if you were recently added to a project, but are not seeing the project on your list of project names, you may need to refresh your Project Overview screen data. 

To refresh the Project Overview screen to check for updates in a project:

  1. Select the project.
  2. Swipe down on the screen. 
    Note: You should see a loading icon spin after swiping down. 

To refresh a list or item within a tool:

  1. Navigate to the relevant page and swipe down on the screen.
    Note: You should see a loading icon spin after swiping down. 
3. Confirm Internet Connection

Check to see if you are working in Offline Mode. Not all actions are available when working in an area without a strong network connection. See Can I use Procore's mobile application in offline mode? While in Offline Mode, items will be queued in the Upload Queue of the app. This is indicated by a badge icon in the Upload Queue (under App Preferences) with the number of items that are currently waiting to be uploaded to the Procore web application. 

Check the following on your mobile device's settings or control panel:

  • Wi-fi is turned on and connected to a Wi-fi network.
  • Mobile data is turned on (if the device is configured to use mobile data).
  • 'Airplane Mode' is NOT turned on.
4. Consider Permissions
  • Check to make sure you are logged in with the correct user account: If you are using a shared mobile device, make sure you are logged in with your user account. Different users can be assigned different permissions, which limits the date that is visible and the type of actions that can be performed. 
  • Consider assigned permissions: If you are not seeing something on the Procore app, it may due to the permissions that you are assigned. Reach out to a Company or Project Admin to see if you need additional access.
5. Log Out and Back In

If refreshing the app, as described above, doesn't work, try logging out of the Procore app and then logging back in. 
Important! Since Procore allows your login credentials to be remembered automatically, make sure you know the password before logging out of the app.

  1. Navigate to the Sidebar screen by tapping your avatar circle.
  2. Tap Logout
  3. Log in with your Procore account credentials.
6. Restart Your Device

On some occasions, an issue may be resolved by restarting your device. 

Tip! If you are looking to modify settings and notifications for the Procore app and projects on your Android device, see the following: