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Sign an Action Plan Item (Android)

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To sign for a completed item within an action plan on an Android mobile device.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' level permissions or higher on the project's Action Plans tool.
    • 'Read Only' level permissions with the 'Sign as Action Plan Assignee' granular permissions.
    • 'Read Only' or 'Standard' level permissions with the 'Sign as Action Plan Assignee for Any User' or 'Sign as Action Plan Assignee for Users within the Same Company' granular permissions.
  • Additional Information
    • The person signing must be an active user or contact in the Project level Directory tool.



  1. Open the Procore app on an iOS mobile device.
  2. Tap the project's Action Plans tool.
  3. Tap the action plan with the item you want to sign for.
  4. Tap the completed item. 
  5. Locate the 'Assignees' section.
    Note: Signatures required from assignees that are marked with an asterisk (*) have 'Blocking Functionality' and must be completed to release other items to be completed.
  6. Tap the Assignee, either the name or the entity (for example, 'Contractor')
  7. If you selected an entity, select the person signing by tapping the blank field under 'Signing for [Entity Name]'. Then tap Next.
    • Users with the 'Sign as Action Plan Assignee' granular permission can only select themselves from this menu.
    • If someone (including yourself) is already designated as an assignee, they cannot be selected from this menu.
  8. Add the signature and tap Sign
    By tapping "Sign" you are signing this form electronically and agree that your electronic signature is the equivalent of your manual signature.
  9. If there was 'Blocking Functionality', complete the following to release other items to be completed:
    1. Tap the Arrow icon-back-arrow.png icon to return to the action plan's general information, sections and items.
    2. Tap the Arrow icon-back-arrow.png icon to return to the Action Plans list view.
    3. Swipe down on the screen to refresh the action plan.
      This completes the signature task required by 'Blocking Functionality' and releases the connected items to be completed.