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Requisitions and Pay Apps: Invoicing Updates

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.


Requisitions and Pay Apps: Invoicing Updates

The following changes have been made to the invoicing tools (Requisitions in the Commitment tool and Payment Applications in the Prime Contract tool):

  1. Requisition Compile PDF: Added the ability to select multiple requisitions and compile backup (the default Requisition PDF and all of its PDF attachments) for all selected requisitions. See Compile Subcontractor Invoice Backup
  2. Requisition Line by Line Approval: Added the ability to approve or reject requisition line items that have been submitted. A green checkmark (approved) or red x (rejected) will appear to the left of the Requisition line item to indicate the item status. Added the ability to comment on rejected line items. See Review Invoices as an Admin.
  3. Pay Apps Prefill and Auto Compiling of Requisition and Direct Cost Backup: Added the ability to prefill the Payment Application Work Complete with Requisition and Direct Cost values from within a selected Commitment Billing Period.  See Create an Owner Invoice
  4. Pay Apps and Requisitions Export Manager: Added the ability to PDF a Pay App or Requisitions with it's attachments. See Export an Owner Invoice as a PDF, CSV, or PDF with attachments.

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