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Release Notes for 2024-03-18

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Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, March 15, 2024.



New password reset flow from my profile settings

Procore has changed the way you can reset your password from 'My Profile Settings'. All passwords must now be reset via email. If you log in to Procore using Single Sign-On (SSO), this change will not impact how you log in or manage your password within your Identity Provider system (e.g., Microsoft Azure).

Core Tools



When people create a Procore account, they can request to join their company if it already has an account in Procore. Company Admins for the company receive an email notification. They can log in to Procore and accept or decline the request. See Accept or Deny a User's Request to Join Your Company.


Trade Filter

Two new filters are available for you to filter tender forms. You can now filter tender forms by 'Bid Form' and 'Directory Trade'. See Search for and Filter Companies to Add to a Tender Form.

Financial Management


Invite Beneficiaries to Procore Pay from the Payments Tool

To centralise subcontractor onboarding for main contractors using Procore Pay to pay subcontractor payment applications, Payments Admins and Payments Beneficiary Approvers can now invite subcontractors to join Procore Pay and add beneficiary accounts from the Company level Payments tool. The ability to payment application subcontractors was previously only available in the Commitments and Payment applications tool. To learn more, see Invite Beneficiaries to Procore Pay

Apply Vendor Holds on Subcontractor Payment applications

Payments Admins and Payments Disbursers can now apply a vendor hold to a subcontractor payment application to alert users to pause payments for specific subcontractors, suppliers or vendors. To learn more, see About Holds in Procore Pay.

App Marketplace

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