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Configure Default Estimating Settings


To configure default settings for the Estimating tool across your projects.


You can configure the default profit accounting model, measurement system, currency symbol, cost codes, cost types and cover pages to use in the Estimating tool across your projects.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permission to the Company level Admin tool.


  1. Navigate to the Company level Admin tool.
  2. Under 'Tool Settings', click Estimating. 
  3. See the sections below for details on the settings that you can configure for projects:
  4. When you are done making changes, click Save.


Default Profit Accounting Model

  • Select one of the following accounting models:
    • Profit Margin: Sales minus the cost of goods sold.
    • Profit Markup: The amount by which the cost is increased on a product to arrive at the selling price.

Unit Cost Labour Pricing

  • If you want to enable Unit Cost pricing for labour, click the toggle icon-blue-toggle-on-esticom.pngON.


Default Measurement System

  • Select Imperial or Metric as the default measurement system for all projects. 
    Note: The measurement system can be changed for an individual project if needed. See Configure Settings: Estimating.

Currency Symbol

  • If you want to change the currency symbol shown on estimates across all projects, type the symbol in the field (for example, £, € or AUD).
    Note: The symbol cannot be more than 3 characters long.

Cost Codes and Types

Since the Other cost type in Procore Estimating includes all other costs after the Total Price, it is recommended that you break down cost codes and cost types further for Profit, Overhead, Discount, Tax and Others (such as Bonding). Configuring cost codes and cost types for one or more of these categories will help to ensure costs are appropriately outlined on your project's budget.

  • To configure cost codes and cost types:
    • Type a custom cost code in the field on the left and a corresponding cost type in the field on the right.
  • Enable or disable the 'Remove Cost Types for Procore Budget export for Quickbooks Linked Projects' setting:
    This setting is only intended for projects integrated with QuickBooks®. Enabling this setting will remove cost types and automatically set all cost codes to 'Other' so that estimates can be pushed to the budget in Procore.Note: This setting is not retroactive, so any estimates using other cost types will push to the budget with the previously assigned cost types. You will need to create a new estimate to have the cost codes on the budget without custom cost types.
    • If you are integrated with Quickbooks and would like to enable the setting, click the toggle icon-blue-toggle-on-esticom.pngON.

Cover Pages

You can choose to add PDF cover and appendix pages that can be used in tender exports. The pages must be added here prior to exporting the tender.

  • To add cover pages to use for estimates:
    1. Click Add Cover.
    2. Select a file to upload.
    3. Click Upload.
      The file is added automatically.
  • To delete a cover page:
    1. Click the rubbish bin icon-delete-esticom.png icon next to the file.
    2. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.