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Things to Know about the Project Financials + MRI Platform X® Connector


Each of Procore's available ERP connectors perform the basic function of syncing data between the ERP system and Procore, usually in the same way as other connectors. However, each connector has a unique set of items it can sync and the way those items are synced will vary based on how that ERP system and its corresponding integration are built to function. 

MRI Platform X®, like all ERP integrations, has some key considerations, limitations and things to know about how each Procore object is synced. Those considerations, limitations and things to know are outlined in the table below according to tool or item being synced.

Things to know about the MRI Platform X® Connector

Procore Item or Setting

Considerations, Limitations and Requirements

configuration settings & sync programme

  • MRI Platform X® Job Cost, Accounts Payable and GL modules are all required to configure the MRI Platform X® connector.

  • An interface user must be set up on the MRI Platform X® side for the connector and Procore must grant API access to several endpoints.

  • Company, Job, Direct Cost and Subcontractor Payment application syncs will run nightly.

  • Direct Costs run at 01:00 EST and Payments run at 03:00 EST.


Add Cost Codes to import to Procore

  • Prerequisites:
    • The ERP Integrations tool must be enabled on your company's Procore account.
    • The cost codes live on the interface chart in the MRI job screen. 
    • The list of cost codes must be approved by Calance to ensure proper formatting and compatibility.
    • Deleting Cost Codes must be done by Calance.

work breakdown structure (wbs)

  • Project-specific cost codes are not supported. Your company will have one (1) cost code list for use with all MRI Platform X® integrated projects, that must originate in MRI Platform X®.


Adding a MRI Platform X® Company to the Procore Directory

  • Prerequisites:
    • Important! Before adding a vendor from MRI Platform X® to Procore, always check to make sure that a matching company record does NOT already exist in Procore. If you do not perform this check, you might end up with duplicate or unlinked company entries. 
  • Additional Information:
    • New company entries automatically inherit the appropriate MRI Platform X® Company ID.
  • Limitations:
    • Company ID has a max character limit of 12

Archiving a Company in Procore 

  • Additional Information:
    • You can only archive a Company that is not linked to a company in Procore. 
    • If a Company is marked as 'Inactive' in MRI Platform X®, you can view it by clicking the 'Archived' link in the Filters menu on the right of the Companies subtab.
  • Companies will originate in MRI Platform X® and be brought into Procore through the integration. Existing companies in the Procore Directory can be linked to companies in MRI Platform X® through the integration.


  • Projects that are in-progress or created before connection of the integration cannot be synced. Professional Services for assistance with integrating in-progress/pre-existing project records are available for an additional fee.
  • The MRI Platform X® Connector does not support the use of sub jobs. All jobs from MRI Platform X® will equal precisely one Procore project and sub jobs cannot be enabled on those projects in Procore.
  • The integration supports only one MRI Platform X® Phase per Procore project.


  • Commitments and Purchase Orders must be created in Procore, then exported to MRI Platform X®.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Configure the ERP Integrations tool for MRI Platform X®. 
    • The Commitments tool must be an active tab on the project. 
  • Limitations:
    • To sync a commitment, all of the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) line items must be tied to cost codes and categories from your ERP-synced lists of Standard Cost Codes and Cost Types.
    • Commitments synced to MRI Platform X® will NOT contain details regarding tax codes. 


Accept or Reject a CV for Export to MRI Platform X®

  • CVs must be created in Procore, then exported to MRI Platform X®. 
  • Prerequisites:
    • The company account must be integrated with MRI Platform X®. 
    • The Variations and Commitments tool must be an active tab on the project. 

Export a CV to MRI Platform X®

  • If for any reason a CV fails to export to MRI Platform X®, you can view the failed item(s) by clicking the Failed to Export link in the Views menu in the right pane.

subcontractor payment applications

  • Prerequisites:
    • The company account must be integrated with MRI Platform X®.
    • Add the Commitments tool to the Project Tools menu. 
    • The desired payment application(s) must be sent to the ERP Integrations tool.
  • Limitations:
    • Subcontractor payment applications must be created in Procore, then exported to MRI Platform X®
    • When payment applications are paid and posted in MRI Platform X®, they will sync back into Procore and appear on the Payments Issued tab of the relevant subcontract. They will also be reflected in the budget.
    • Retention release will NOT occur automatically when syncing payment applications. Retention released will be ignored on payment applications sent to MRI Platform X®. Retention must be released in MRI Platform X® manually. 


Import Direct Costs and Payment application Payments across all projects from MRI Platform X® to Procore

  • Requirements & Prerequisites:
    • Your Procore Administrator (or a user with 'Admin' permission on the project's Admin tool) must enable the job cost transactions syncing capability. 
    • Your Procore Administrator must update your project's budget view(s) to complete these steps:
      1. If you have previously added the ERP Direct Costs Column to a Procore Budget View, you will need to remove both the existing 'ERP Direct Costs' calculated column and the 'ERP Job to Date Costs' source column. 
      2. After removing these columns, you will need to add the recommended columns for job cost transaction syncing to your budget view(s). For instructions, see Add the Columns for Job Cost Transaction Syncing to a Budget View for ERP Integrations.
  • Add a 'Direct Costs' source column to your Procore project's budget view
    Provides authorized users with the ability to add a 'Direct Costs' column to your project's budget view. 
  • Configure which direct costs appear in a given budget view column
    Configure which direct costs appear in each column with a 'Direct Costs' source. For the integration with MRI Platform X®, direct costs of the following types are available to configure: 
    • Subcontractor Payment applications: These direct costs come from MRI Platform X® Payables with an associated commitment.
    • Payment applications: These direct costs come from MRI Platform X® Payables without an associated commitment.
    • Expenses: These direct costs come from MRI Platform X® Journal Entries.
  • Track MRI Platform X® direct costs in a Procore budget
    Once the 'Direct Costs' column has been added to a budget view, project users with access permissions to the budget can view the lump-sum totals from the MRI Platform X® job cost transactions as a direct cost value on a budget line item. The value in this column shows your project's 'Direct Costs' total for all items in the 'Pending', 'Revise and Resubmit' and 'Approved' status. 
    Note: An accounting approver can sync the job cost transaction details from MRI Platform X® on the Job Costs tab of the Company Level ERP Integrations tool.
  • View direct cost transaction detail on a budget line item
    Project users with the 'View Direct Cost Details' granular permission enabled on their permission template can click the link in the Direct Costs column of a budget line item to open the direct cost's details. This granular permission is located in the 'Budget' section when configuring a permission template.