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Below are notable changes to the company's ERP Integrations tool in 2019.

Recent Changes

New ERP Integration Tab for Variation SOVs (22/10/2019)

Procore has added a new, dedicated tab on Main Contract Variations (MCVs) and Commitment Variations (CVs). This tab gives ERP-integrated project users the ability to map a variation's Bill of Quantities (BOQ) to contracts that are synced with an integrated ERP system. For details, see ERP Integrations: New Variations ERP Integration Tab.

Reset Commitments for the ERP Integrations Tool (18/1/2019)

Updated the ERP Integrations tool so users can now reset commitments, instead of having to request a reset from Procore Customer Support.

Admins Can Now Archive Standard Cost Codes on ERP-Integrated Projects (8/1/2019)  

Updated the Company level Admin tool to give Procore Administrators with the ability to archive Standard Cost Codes in Procore in order to prevent project users from adding those codes to a project. The archive action does not remove Standard Cost Codes from all lists.This update only affects users that have setup the ERP Integrations tool for Procore.