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ERP Integrations - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the company's ERP Integrations tool.

Recent Changes

Direct Export for Commitments, Commitment Variations and Subcontractor Payment applications (21/07/2023)

Procore's ERP integrations now offer the ability to bypass the accounting approver step when exporting certain items to your ERP system. This feature, referred to as 'Direct Export', offers increased flexibility and can help you streamline approval processes. To learn more, see ERP Integrations: Direct Export Feature.

Standard item numbering upon export for commitments, Variations and payment applications  (10/04/2023)

Procore's Company level ERP Integrations tool previously provided the option to change an item's number upon export to an integrated ERP system. The removal of this field eliminates the possibility for an item's number in Procore to differ from that item's number in an integrated ERP system, offering an improved auditing and reconciliation experience for accounting teams.  

Unlink Subcontractor Payment applications Synced with ERP (12/04/2022)

When a Procore project's subcontractor payment applications are synced with a supported ERP Integration, a link is created between the records stored in each system. Sometimes, users will inadvertently export a subcontractor payment application from Procore and then discover that the subcontractor payment application's data was entered incorrectly. When this occurs, the link between the systems will first need to be deleted manually using the new Unlink button. Prior to this update, a user with 'Admin' level permission was required to send a email request to reset the subcontractor payment application then users had to wait for the request to be processed. Now, a user with the appropriate permissions can perform that step on their own.

For more information on a specific ERP integration see:

Previous Changes