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Below are the notable changes to the Company level Inspections tool in 2016.

Added Change History Subtab To Inspection Templates (17/5/2016) 

Updated the Company and Project level Inspections tools to add a new Change History subtab on inspection templates.

Added A Site Safety Audit Inspection Template To Inspections Tool (5/5/2016)

The Inspections tool includes an industry-led Site Safety Audit Inspection template that you can use as starting point for customizing your project's own site safety template. For details see, How do I apply the Site Safety Inspection Template to a Project?

Updated Spec Section Drop-Down List In Inspections Tool (5/5/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to deploy user experience improvements the Spec Section drop-down list. Improved scrolling, type ahead and users can now press the arrow keys to select an option.

Added Default Inspection Types (4/5/2016)

Updated Procore to better support the Inspections tool so that now when a new company account is created in Procore, the Inspections tool now includes these default selections in the Types list: Quality, Safety and Commissioning.

Added A Confirmation Prompt For Delete Actions On Template Sections (29/4/2016)

Added a confirmation prompt that now requires users confirm the action when attempting to delete a section from an Inspection Template. The confirmation message reads, "Warning: Deleting this section will also delete all the items within the section. Do you wish to proceed?" Click Delete to confirm the action.