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Below are the notable changes to the company's Timesheets tool in 2019.

Added Ability to Configure Timesheet Columns (25/10/2019)

Added the ability to hide, show and reorder columns in the Company Timesheets tool by clicking the vertical ellipsis (⋮).

Added a Permissions Table in the Company's Timesheets Configure Settings (16/10/2019) 

Added a user Permissions table in the Company level Timesheets Configure Settings so a Timesheets tool admin can quickly update permissions for users.

Added Ability to Export Time Entries in QuickBooks® Format (9/9/2019)

Added the ability to export time entries in a format for import into QuickBooks®.

Added Ability to Export Time Entries in CSV Format (30/8/2019)

Added the ability to export time entries in a CSV format from the Company Timesheets tool.

Added Crews as a Filter Option (1/7/2019)

Added the ability to filter by Crews in the Company Timesheets tool.

New Company Level Timesheets Tool (25/4/2019)

With the new Company level Timesheets tool, you can edit, review and approve employee time entries for the week, across all projects. Also, for companies with employees working on multiple projects in a pay period, it is now easier to bulk approve time entries for the week across all projects before importing to payroll. See Timesheets: New! Company Level Timesheets Tool.