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Procore (en-GB)

Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the company's Timesheets tool. 

Recent Changes

Pagination on Timesheets (17/07/2020)

To reduce page loading times, Procore has added pagination to the Timesheets tool at both the Project and Company levels.

View a Timecard's Change History (16/07/2020)

Users can now view the Change History of an individual's Timecard in the Company level Timesheets tool. See View a Time Entry in the Company Level Timesheets Tool.

Export Timecard Entries into Sage 300 CRE® (08/05/2020)

Procore has released an update to the Timesheets tool that allows companies who have purchased Resource Management to export timecard entries from Procore into Payroll on Sage 300 CRE®. See Set Up your Payroll Export for use with Sage 300 CRE® and Export Timesheet Data from Procore into Sage 300 CRE®.

Reallocate Timecard Data to Multiple Entries (08/05/2020)

The Company Timesheets tool now includes a feature to split a time entry into multiple entries, allowing users to more easily review and edit hours. With this release, admins can now view a worker's time breakdown across dedicated time type columns (regular time, overtime, etc.) and easily reallocate submitted hours into new timecards containing updated project or time details. See Reallocate Time to New Timecards on the Company Timesheets Tool.

Assign Default Cost Types to Timecard Entries (06/03/2020)

Users with 'Admin' level permissions on the company's Timesheets tool can now select and assign default cost types to timecard entries. This allows for real-time visibility into labour costs on the project's Budget tool. See Configure Advanced Settings: Company Level Timesheets.

All Changes