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Self-Service Workflows FAQs

Table of Contents

General FAQs

Additional Workflows FAQs

Can a workflow assignee be substituted without having to restart the workflow?

No, a workflow assignee cannot be substituted with another user. 

Can an admin act on behalf of another user in a workflow?

No, if a member of the workflow is not able to complete their step, it is recommended that you recreate the item with a reconfigured workflow containing a different user. 

Can I change which workflow is applied to an item?

No, if the workflow template needs to be changed, the object would need to be deleted and recreated after setting a different default template.

Can item statuses be customised with workflows?

Custom statuses are not supported with self-service workflows. Workflow step names can be customised but the associated status choices come from the item itself.

Can there be more than one default workflow for a tool?

No, there can only be one default workflow applied at a time. The Commitments tool is an exception as it allows a default workflow to be set for subcontracts and purchase orders separately. 

Do workflows applied to a project template carry over to a new project created from that template?

No, but you have the option in the company level Workflows tool to assign workflows to new projects. 

Do workflow response attachments carry forward to the following steps?

No, an attachment added to a specific workflow response does not carry forward to the following steps.

is it possible to see which workflow has been applied to an item?

Yes, when looking at an item with a workflow you can view the workflow by clicking on the vertical ellipsis in the workflow side panel.

what is the difference between a 'termination' and A 'finish' step?

A 'termination' step is used for an item that has been rejected. A 'finish' step is for an item that has been approved.

What is the difference between Calendar days and business days? 

Calendar days are each day of the month and business days are only Monday through Friday. Business days are localised to a project's time zone and are not related to 'working days', another Procore feature. See Set Project Working Days

What are the differences between self-service and legacy workflows?

Self-service workflows are created, edited and maintained by your company's own employees. Legacy workflows are built by Procore's Custom Solutions team. See What are the Differences Between Self-Service and Legacy Workflows?