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  • Added Summary View To Budget Tool (23/12/2015). Added a new summary view to the Budget tool that sums everything up at the Cost Code level. This is a read-only view.


  • New Budget Snapshot Tool (9/10/2015). Added a new budget snapshot tool so users can take a snapshot of their budget to official their monthly forecast. 


  • Added Sub Jobs to Budget Change History (17/9/2015). Added sub jobs to Budget change history.
  • Added Sub Job Grouping to Budget and Budget Detail Report (10/9/2015). Added sub job grouping to the budget and the Budget Detail report. 
  • Added Change History to Budget (9/9/2015). Added Change History to the Budget. The following items are tracked: Create Budget Line Item, Delete Budget Line Item, Modify Original Budget Value, Modify Direct Costs Value, CSV Upload, Forecast Notes, Forecast Values Modal and Import of Budget from Sage.


  • Added Forecast Line Items To Budget Detail Report (7/21/15)
    Added forecast line items (from the "Forecast to Complete" column) to the budget detail report. This includes a breakdown of units and unit cost.

  • Added Forecast Notes on the Budget Detail Report (7/14/15)
    Forecast notes are now included on the Budget Detail report, as well as the corresponding PDF.


  • Speed Increase For Large Budgets (6/5/15)
    Significant increase in speed for clients with large budgets. 

  • Performance Improvements In Counting Missing Budget Line Items (6/1/15)
    When there are missing budget line items, the tool will have a "Create Missing Budget Line Items" panel in the sidebar. Clicking "Create Missing Budget Line Items" will create a row in the table for each missing cost code and line item type combination.


  • Updated and Clarified Budget Tool Tips (5/12/15)
    Budget tool tip messages on the column header were updated to provide better insight into how each value in each column is calculated. 


  • Added Cost Code to Pay Apps and Draw Requests in CSV Exports (4/28/15)
    Added cost code column to pay apps and draw requests in CSV exports.


  • Added Job To Date Costs & Direct Costs On Budget For STO Enabled Companies (31/03/2015)
    Added a Job to Date Costs column & a Direct Costs column on the Budget for Sage integrated projects. These columns are read-only and imported from Sage. The Direct Costs column is an equation of Job to Date Costs - Commitment Payment Application, which is currently a calculation being done in the Committed Cost Field. The Committed Cost Field will function the same for Sage and non-Sage after this change, as we will pull this calculation into a stand alone Direct Costs column.

  • Added Ability to Delete Budget Line Items For Sage-integrated Projects (3/17/15)
    Removed the restriction on deleting Budget line items for Sage-integrated projects.

  • Added Spanish Translations (3/9/15)
    Added Spanish translations for Budget, Contracts and Drawings. 


  • Budget Buyout Summary And Budget Detail Report Now Available To "Standard" And "Read Only" Users
    Now standard & Read-only level users can view the Buyout Summary & Budget Detail reports. Previously, only admin users could view these reports.

  • Updated Default Permission Templates For Budget 
    Updated Procore's default permission templates to include permissions for the Budget tool. They are as follows:

    • Subcontractor: None
    • Project Manager: Admin
    • Owner/CM: None
    • Foreman/Site Manager: Read-only
    • Architect/Engineer: None