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  • Added A 3-Step Setup Wizard In The Drawings Tool For New Projects (23/12/2015). When a user with 'Admin' level permissions navigates to the Drawings tool, the system now launches the Setup Wizard. If the user chooses to skip the Setup Wizard, Procore applies the default settings associated with the Project template. If the user chooses to navigate through the Setup Wizard, the Wizard prompts them to complete the required actions. 
  • Updated Change History Subtab In Drawings Tool (9/12/2015). When viewing a drawing, the Change History sub tab now tracks and displays the Drawing Revision Change History and Drawing Upload Change History. 


  • Added Ability To Edit And Bulk Edit A Drawing's Set (11/25/15). Users can now use the Bulk Edit button to move change drawings to another set. Users can also change the set of a single drawing from the Edit page.

  • Made Entire Drawing Area Tile Clickable (11/5/15). In the Drawings by area page (if activated), users are now able to click anywhere on the Area's tile to open it.

  • Allowed Decimals in Drawing Revisions (11/5/15). Allowed decimals in drawings revision numbers. 


  • Added a Download Button to Drawings Comparison (10/26/15)
    Added a .png export option tot he Drawing Comparison tool.

  • Added Drawings By Area To Drawing Log PDF (10/13/15)
    When Drawings By Area is turned on for a project, the drawing log PDF will now reflect the area.

  • Made View On Drawings Log Sticky (10/13/15)
    The view (e.g. list or thumbnails) on the drawing log will now stick when navigation to other Procore tabs and then returning to the log.

  • Added Ability to Email Drawings to Anyone in Directory (10/6/15)
    Added the ability to email drawings to anyone in the project directory and drawings can be downloaded through the email.


  • Improved The Filter In Drawings Log (9/28/15)
    Discipline and Set boxes were combined into one (added a 'Filter By' box, with drop-down menus for Discipline and Set.)

  • Updated Drawing Subscription Email (9/24/15)
    Added new sketches to the drawing log subscription emails and also put the new drawing information into a table, as well as the new sketch information into a separate table. See Subscribe to the Drawings Log.

  • Added Colour Differentiator To Image Comparison Tool (9/11/15)
    The image comparison tool now displays items in the drawing that were removed from the revision in red and items that were added in the revision are displayed in green.


  • Added Tooltip For Drawings By Area Configuration (8/25/15)
    Added a tooltip to the drawings by area configuration that says the following: Drawings by Area is helpful for projects with multiple buildings or areas. It allows you to maintain multiple Drawing Logs within the same project with separate Current Sets, drawing numbers and revisions. This setting can not be turned off if you have more than 1 drawing area.


  • Added Adaptive Drawing Number Type Ahead To Drawing Review Page (7/24/15)
    Added a type-ahead with a hint to the drawing number field in the Pending Drawings page. The typehead possibilities include all drawings currently in the project and numbers found by OCR.

  • Added Ability to Link a PV To A Drawing Markup (7/10/15)
    Added the ability to link Main Contract PVs to a drawing as a markup (this must be enabled by your Procore point of contact).

  • Added Configuration To Allow Standard Level Users to Delete Published Markup (7/10/15)
    Added a configuration to the Drawings tab that allows users with 'Standard' level permissions to delete published markup. See Allow Users To Delete Published Markups.


  • Area Name Is Now Included In .zip File That Downloads For Drawings By Area (24/6/15)
    When drawings by area is on, "Area" is now a folder in the .zip file when you download drawings. If drawings by area is not on, it is not in the zip file. When you attach a set of tender docs, all areas are included with the set, but they will all be in their own folder named after each area.

  • "Download with Markup" Email Link Will Only Show When Emailing Drawings With Markups (6/24/15)
    When a user email forwards drawings without markups, the "download with markup" link will no longer appear in the email.

  • Added Ability To Bulk Select/Deselect All Drawings Under Each Disciplines (6/24/15)
    When selecting the checkboxes next to the drawings on the Drawings log page, the this branch allows the user to select the discipline header, which will select or deselect all of the drawings that fall under that discipline.

  • Added Length Validation for Drawing Disciplines (6/16/15)
    Users will see messaging if their drawing discipline is longer than 255 characters. 

  • Added Sketches Log (6/12/15)
    Users can now create sketches logs for drawings by clicking Sketches in the "Drawing Log" box in the right pane.

  • Improved Load Time of Drawing Log Page (6/12/15)
    Improved load time of drawing log page.

  • Added Drawings Obsolete Option To Bulk Edit Drawing Revisions (6/8/15)
    When users bulk edit drawings, they will see the option to set the status as obsolete. See (Bulk) Edit Drawings for more information.

  • Bolded Pending Drawing Number Count (6/1/15)
    Bolded drawings count on the "Pending" drawings page.


  • Redesigned Drawing Progress Sidebar (5/29/15)
    Introduced new changes to the sidebar, such as changes in word choice, new processing animation and the addition of a "sheets to review" count.
  • Removed "View In Fullscreen" Button and Changed "Markup" To "Markup/Fullscreen" (5/29/15)
    Removed "View in Fullscreen" button and changed "Markup" to "Markup/Fullscreen"
  • Added New Apply To All Discipline Link (5/21/15)
    Added a new option to apply an input discipline to all pending revisions on the drawings review page.
  • Added Ability to See Revisions On Fullscreen Drawings (5/21/15)
    Added a Revision dropdown to the drawing fullscreen mode so users can navigate between revisions. 
  • Added Drawings By Area (5/18/15)
    For projects that have different areas, there will now be an option that allows users to upload specific drawings to specific areas (this feature must be enabled by your Procore point of contact). This feature helps organise drawings throughout a project. 
  • Improved Tiling Load Time For Drawings (5/13/15)
    Improved load time on Pending Drawings Page so it is now less than 3 seconds per drawing. 
  • Added Ability to Attach Documents, Submittals and RFIs to Drawings (5/1/15)
    Users with access to the drawings markup page can now attach submittals, RFIs and documents to a markup. Users will only be able to attach items that they have permission to. Once the markup is published, any user with access to the drawings log will be able to view the information attached to the markup. Also, there is now a permissions check on submittals show pages.
  • Faster Load Time and Pan Capabilities to Drawings Review Page (5/1/15)
    Added tile generation to drawings log, resulting in faster page load times for drawings. The drawings review page now has both zoom and pan capabilities.


  • Multi-Line Text Markup And Area And Measurement Tools For Drawings (4/17/15)

    • Changed the text tool to be a resizable text box, with automatic word wrapping.
    • in Beta Added Area & Measurement tools, enabled by a configuration on the Drawings configuration page. The Caliper tool is used to calibrate the Measurement & Area tools by dragging it along a known length on a drawing and entering the appropriate data. The Measurement and Area tools can then be used to estimate the length and area of elements on the drawing.
  • Added Full Screen View (28/04/2015)
    Users can now view and markup their drawings in full screen view.  From the full screen mode, users have the ability to markup the drawing, download the drawing and use a search bar and an info bar.

  • Changed Text Tool To Be Resizeable Text Box (17/04/2015)
    Changed the text tool to be a resizable text box, with automatic word wrapping. 

  • Sped Up Drawing Hyperlink Matching (2/04/2015)
    Sped up the drawing log processing for projects with many drawing hyperlinks to reduce load on the database.


  • Added A "Blank Set" Field When Uploading A Drawing When There Are No Existing Drawing Sets (03/2015)
    When a user is uploading a drawing and there are no existing drawing sets on the project, the "Set" field will default to a blank text field instead of an empty drop-down menu.


  • Added Drawings Adaptive Number And Pending Page Improvements (02/2015)
    Added some improvements to the drawings pending page:
        Drawings currently being reviewed: the sidebar will display "In Review"
        New Fancybox for adaptive title/drawing number updates
        If you have drawings of different scales in a single set, the adaptive number/title box will not appear if the     next drawing in the review set is of a different scale

  • Added Ability To Bulk Edit Drawing Dates And Disciplines (02/2015)
    Added the ability for 'Admin' level users to bulk edit drawing date and drawing discipline from the drawings list page.

  • Improved OCR Drawing Number (02/2015)
    OCR now returns better result for drawing numbers like "1 of 10" (previously it would often return "1 0f 10").

  • Improved Drawing Number Accuracy (02/2015)
    Improvements were made to OCR for drawing number accuracy.

  • Added Typeahead Suggestions For Drawing Title (02/2015)
    Added typeahead suggestions to the drawing title field, so when users start typing a title/number, the dropdown will populate with matches to what they typed.
  • Sped Up Publish Action On Drawing Review (02/2015)
    Sped up the drawings publish page.
  • Added Ability To Download Drawing PDFs As A Single File (02/2015)
    ​Users may now download multiple drawings as a single PDF file or as separate PDFs. The "Download Drawings" button on the drawing log drawings list page now pulls up a fancy box that allows the user to choose one of the following four options:
    • Download as individual pages
    • Download as individual pages with markup
    • Download as a single PDF
    • Download as a single PDF with markup
    • To learn more, see Download Drawings.
  • Added Markup Download Link In Emails  (02/2015)
    Procore now allows single or multiple drawings emailed from the drawings tab to be downloaded with markup. Downloaded drawing with markup will be a snapshot of the markup when the drawing was sent. To learn more, see Email Drawings.
  • Added Adaptive Drawing Title (02/2015)
    Added OCR to drawing title on Procore. Also added a smart edit feature to drawing number and title on the pending drawings page. If OCR assigns an incorrect title/number to a drawing and a user corrects that field, then users have the option to update the rest of the drawings on the pending page (provided that OCR has the user's input as one of the possible correct options). To learn more, see Which fields can Procore automatically fill when uploading a drawing?
  • Moved "Pending Drawings" Section To Sidebar (02/2015)
    Moved the pending drawings progress bars to the sidebar. Multiple drawing sets can now be uploaded concurrently and each set can be reviewed and published one at a time using the links in the side bar. This may be reviewed all at once using the "Review All" button. The "Delete All Pending Revisions" link on the pending drawings page has been replaced by a button to delete an individual drawing upload (either while the upload is still in progress or after it has finished uploading). For more information, see Upload Drawings.
  • Added In-line Edit Drawing Title (02/2015)
    Added in-line editor to drawing title on the drawing log. For more information, see Edit Drawings.