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Drawings - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Drawings tool. 

Recent Changes

More Precise Measurements on Drawing Markups (10/07/2023)

Measurement markups added to drawings will now show fractions of measurements within a precision of 1/32. See Add Measurements to a Drawing. These measurements can be viewed on all Procore applications (Web, iOS and Android) and on drawings that have been downloaded as PDFs with markup. See Download Drawings.

Note: This change does not affect existing drawing measurement markups created before July 10, 2023.

Advanced Option for Detecting Revisions After Underscores in Drawing Numbers (08/05/2023)

Procore has updated an advanced option in the Upload Drawings modal to allow revisions to be pulled from drawing numbers with underscores (_). See Upload Drawing Revisions. The 'Contains Revision' tickbox has been changed to a 'Drawing No. Contains Revision' drop-down menu, where you can now select if drawing numbers contain revisions or not and if the revisions are after the last decimal or the last underscore.

Note: As part of this update, the 'Drawing Revision' field under Advanced Options was renamed to 'Default Revision'.