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Upload Drawing Revisions


To upload revisions to existing drawings in a project's Drawings tool in Procore.


If you have already uploaded drawings to a project in Procore and need to upload revisions, you will upload them in the same way you would normally upload drawings to the Drawings tool. When you upload drawing revisions to a project, Procore will recognise the drawing number as a duplicate of one you have already uploaded and mark it as a revision of the existing drawing. The drawing revision will automatically appear under the Revision History of the existing drawing.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Additional Information:
    • Drawings must be uploaded in the PDF file format. The PDF file must be version 1.6 or later.
    • You can upload a drawing with the same revision number or letter as long as one of the following fields is unique: Set Name, Drawing Date or Received Date. See Can I upload drawings with the same revision?
    • Markups added to the Private or Personal and Published layer of a previous drawing revision will be preserved and inherited by the new drawing revisions. If you add markups to the old revision after a newer revision is uploaded, they will not be added to the new revision. 
    • Sketches will not carry over to a new revision upon uploading.
    • Notification emails are sent after the upload has completed processing. See Who receives a notification for updates in the Drawings tool?
    • If your drawing upload fails, it could be due to a file that is encrypted, password protected or corrupt. See Why are my drawing uploads failing?




  1. Navigate to the project's Drawings tool.
    Note: If your project uses Drawing Areas, open the drawing area you want to upload drawings to.
  2. Click Upload Drawings.
  3. In the 'Attach Files' modal, select one or more drawing PDF files to upload. You can attach files from your computer and the project's Documents tool. 
    Tip! Make sure your drawings are best formatted for OCR. See How can I improve the accuracy of OCR on my drawings? 
  4. Click Attach.
  5. Fill in the following information as necessary.
    Note: An asterisk (*) denotes a required field.
    • Set*: Choose whether you want to upload the drawings into a new or existing set.
      • To select an existing set:
        1. Click the drop-down menu.
        2. Select the name of an existing set.
      • To create a new set:
        1. Click the Select or Create Set drop-down menu. 
        2. Type a name for the new set in the Search field.
          Note: The drawing set name must be less than 100 characters.
        3. Click Create Set.
    • Set Date: This is the date that the architect sent out the set of drawings. 
      • If adding to an existing set, Procore populates this field automatically. 
      • If creating a new set, click into the field to select a date from the calendar.
    • Default Drawing Date: Indicates the date the drawings were authored. The date selected here will appear as the 'Drawing Date' on all drawings in the set.
      • Click into the field to select a date from the calendar. 
    • Default Received Date: Indicates the date a drawing was received or issued by the creator of the drawings (i.e. the design team).
      • Click into the field to select a date from the calendar. 
    • Advanced Options: Click the arrow caret-icon.png icon next to Advanced Options to show the following options.
      • Default Revision: If your set has a default drawing revision number or letter, enter it here. The default revision will be set as the 'Revision' for all drawings in this upload.
        Note: If a default revision is not specified, Procore will use the drawing number to determine the revision. 
      • Drawing No. Contains Revision: Click the drop-down menu and select the option that applies to the drawings. If a drawing number contains a revision, the drawing number will be separated at the first decimal or underscore into the Drawing No. and the Revision. For example, a drawing with 'A203.01' would show 'A203' as the Drawing No. and '01' as the Revision. 
        Note: See 'Get From Filename' below for guidelines on filenames if you use both settings.
        • No Rev in Drawing Number: Select if the drawings do not include revisions in the drawing numbers.
        • Rev is After First Decimal: Select if the drawings contain revisions after the first decimal of a drawing number (example: A203.01). 
        • Rev is After First Underscore: Select if the drawings contain revisions after the first underscore of a drawing number (example: A203_01). 
      • Drawing Number: 
        • Get From Filename: Mark the tickbox if you want Procore to pull the number and title of an individual drawing based off of the filename. This will bypass OCR and result in higher accuracy in the naming of your drawings.
          Important! If you are using the 'Drawing No. Contains Revision' setting above, drawing filenames should match the following formats:
          • For 'No Rev in Drawing Number': Number_Title.pdf 
            Note: If there is no underscore between the drawing number and title, the entire filename will be entered for the drawing number.
          • For 'Rev is After First Underscore': Number_RevNumber_Title.pdf
          • For 'Rev is After First Decimal': Number.RevNumber_Title.pdf
      • Drawing Language: Procore's OCR can scan for drawings in English, French, German and Spanish. The language for your drawings is automatically selected based on the locale of the project or company, but you can select another language from the drop-down menu if necessary. See Can I change the language that Procore scans my drawings for?
  6. When you are ready to upload the drawings, click Process.
    Note: A progress indicator is shown in the side panel and you will receive a notification email when your upload completes. After the upload has finished processing, you can click Click here to review to review the drawings. review-drawing-files.png


  • If the drawing numbers are the same, Procore's OCR will automatically recognize the the Drawing Number, Title and Discipline fields.
  • If the drawing has the same number as another drawing in the same area, Procore will automatically fill in the rest of the information including the next revision number (in sequence with the lastly uploaded revision with that number).