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Below are notable changes to the project's Inspections tool in 2017.

Inspections Export PDF Filename Now Includes Timestamp (19/12/2017)

When you export a PDF from the Inspections tool, the filename will now include a timestamp. See Export Inspections as a PDF or CSV

Changed Status Text On Exported Inspection Items In Change History (15/12/2017)

Changed the Status label on an inspection item's Change History so it now reads Pass or Fail, instead of Passed or Failed.

Updated Response Set For Inspection Item Responses (13/12/2017)

Inspection item status changes will now reads Pass and Fail, instead of Passed and Failed. Also, Inspection Item responses are now set on a per-inspection item basis instead of being the same for the entire template.

Viewable Files In Inspections Header (14/6/2017)

Added the ability for some files to be viewable within the Inspection header instead of having to download these files. Also added a "Download All" button so that users can download all attachments at once. In addition, added individual download icons on each downloadble attachment.

Added New 'Checklists Private by Default' Configuration Setting (22/5/2017)

Updated the Project level Inspections tool to add a new "Checklists Private by Default" checkbox in the Configure Settings > Inspection Settings page. When a tick appears in the box, the feature is enabled and inspections are marked private by default. This setting is passed to mobile and is also respected on inspection creation on both web and mobile.

Added Description Column To Project Inspections Tool (18/5/2017)

Updated the Project level Inspections tool to add a new 'Description' column in the table on the Inspections page. 

Added Inspection Date Filter To Project Inspections (13/3/2017)

Updated the Project level Inspections tool to add the 'Inspection Date' Filter to the Project Inspection List Page Filters.

Users Can Now Create Project Level Inspection Templates (13/3/2017)

Updated the Project level Inspections tool to add the ability to create project level Inspection Templates on the Configure Inspection Settings page.

Added the Ability to Remove Company Inspection Templates From a Project (10/3/2017)

Company level Inspection Templates can now be removed from a project from the project's Inspections tool's Configure Inspection Settings page.

Updated Inspections Page (1/3/2017)

Updated the Project level Inspections tool to switch the "Point of Contact" column to "Spec Section" on the Inspections index page.

Introduced Inspection Template Syncing (13/2/2017)

Updated the Inspections tool to introduce Inspection Template Syncing. This includes a new 'Item Details' field that pairs with the 'Item Name' field. It also includes template locking, which makes certain fields uneditable on the Project level template. When a Company level template is pulled into a project, the items and sections from the Company level are NOT editable (except for the 'Item Details' field). Users can also add items and sections to the template on the Project level. However, those updates will have no affect on the Company level template.

Added New 'Print With Observations' Button (31/1/2017)

Updated the Inspections tool for users with 'Admin' level permission to add a new "Print w/ Observations" button on the show page of an inspection. When a user clicks this button, the system appends single item PDFs for observations tied to that inspection to the end of the PDF.