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This page lists notable changes to the Project level Photos tool in 2016. 

Added Rotate Button To Photo Viewer (29/12/2016)

Updated the Photos tool to add a Rotate button at the bottom centre of the Photo viewer. 

Updated The Photos Tool Make 'Date Taken' The Default Sort (14/10/2016)

Updated the Photos tool to change the default sort order to 'Date Taken', instead of 'Upload Date.'

Updated 'No Search Results' Page In Photos Tool (23/9/2016)

Updated the text and image for the "No Search Results" page for the Photos tool.

Fixed Sorting In Album Drop-Down In Photos Upload Box (3/8/2016)

Updated the Photos tool to fix a sorting issue on the Album drop-down in the Photos upload box.

Added 'Private' Checkbox To Photo Albums In Photos Tool (28/7/2016)

Updated the Photos tool to add give users with 'Admin' level permission to the tool the ability to make a Photo Album private through the Procore web application and the API. To make an album private, click the album and then mark the new 'Private Album' checkbox that appears just under the Title. When new photos are uploaded to the album or existing photos moved to a 'Private' album, they also become 'Private.' The album is only visible to users with 'Admin' level permissions.

Added Sortable Columns To The All Images Page In The Photos Tool (14/7/2016)

Updated the Photos Tool to add the 'Taken On' and 'Uploaded On' columns to the All Images page. This page is accessed in the right sidebar, by clicking List (All) in the View menu. Users can click the arrow next to each column label to change the sort order of the table.

Restyled Photos Tool User Experience Improvements (6/20/216)

Updated the Project level Photos tool to make quick adjustments that improve the user experience. These adjustments affect the Pencil icon, hover state, tickbox and photo selection.

Added Location Field to Photos Tool (2/6/2016)

In the Photos tool, each photo now has a Location field that can be set on the sidebar of the Photo Show page as well as through Bulk Edit on the Album Show page.

Fixed Checkmark Issue With Recycle Bin (20/5/2016)

Fixed an issue with the Photos tool Recycle Bin where the tick on Photos in the Recycle Bin was not appearing as expected when a user hovered over it with the cursor.

Restyled the Album Show Page (19/4/2016)

Updated the Photos tool to restyle the Album show page.

Fixed An Issue Affecting Album Load Time (14/4/2016)

Fixed an issue that was occurring in the background with thumbnail loading. This will improve album load time in the Photos tool.