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Below are the notable changes to the project's Photos tool in 2018.

Change to Photo Upload Behaviour when Private by Default (14/12/2018) 

If photos are set to upload as Private by Default, the system will automatically disable the Create button and display text box explaining why it is not enabled. 

Added Download Link to Photos Digest Email (30/10/2018)

The Photos digest email will now have a link to download the photo.

Improved Photos Search From Album View (17/10/2018)

When searching from Album view the response will now contain matches from Photos within albums as well as Album names themselves.

Photos Digest Email Now Has Links Directly To Photo (1/10/2018)

Now, on the Photos Digest email when you click on a photo it will take you to the viewer of that Photo within the app, rather than downloading the photo

Removed The Beta View Button From Site Diary (24/9/2018)

Users will no longer have the ability to select the Beta view in the Site Diary tool.

Push Notifications for Photos & Mentions (14/6/2018)

Android and iOS users can now opt into to receiving push notifications for photos and photo mentions on the Project level Photos tool. 

Added Ability To Filter Photos Timeline View By Trade (10/5/2018) 

Photo's timeline view is now sortable by trade.

Now Sending New Photo Upload Notifications to Subscribers (24/4/2018)

Updated the project level Photos tool so that end users subscribed to the tool will receive email notifications. The system will check for new photo uploads every hour and if the user is subscribed to receive updates about new photos, they will receive an email notification with the subject line, "New photos have been uploaded to [Project Name]." Users can unsubscribe to no longer receive push notifications. If a photo is marked 'Private', only subscribers with 'Admin' level permission to the photos tool will be notified. The system sends only one (1) notification per project. 

Improved Uploading Experience for Photos Tool (30/1/2018)

Redesigned the Photos tool upload window to allow the user to upload a photo, select a trade, choose the album to upload into and attach a location all at once- streamlining the upload experience for users.