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Below are the notable changes to the project's Main Contracts tool in 2020.

Improved Search now includes the Main Contracts Tool (14/9/2020)

Procore has updated its search capabilities to provide users with more powerful and efficient search results. Procore's project search now looks at the following fields for matches when you perform a search: Contract #, Title, Owner/Client, Contractor, Architect/Engineer, Description, Inclusions and Exclusions. In addition, Procore has added type-ahead search capabilities on the Contract # and Title fields. See Search for Items Within a Project Using Procore Search.

Improved Performance and New 'Manage Custom Groups' Button on the Configurable PDF Tab (19/6/2020)

Procore has released an update that improves the speed at which data displays when users expand and collapse data groups in the Configurable PDF tab of an owner payment application. The 'Create Group' link has also been replaced by a new 'Manage Custom Groups' button and a streamlined process for managing your customised billing groups. To learn more, see Create a Configurable PDF of an Owner Payment application.

Sync Main Contracts & Main Contract Variations Between Procore & Viewpoint® Spectrum®  (8/4/2020) 

Company accounts using the ERP Integrations tool can now import main contracts created in Viewpoint® Spectrum® into Procore's Main Contracts tool. In addition, you can now also export Main Contract Variations (MCVs) created in Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®. Exports also include the appropriate financial markup--both vertical and horizontal. See ERP Integrations: Sync Main Contracts & MCVs Between Procore & Viewpoint® Spectrum®.

Enhanced Financial Line Item Experience (7/1/2020) 

To provide you with a more modern and consistent data-entry for financial line items, Procore has released an enhanced  experience for these Project Financial tools: Change Events, Commitments, Direct Costs and Main Contracts. For details, see Project Financials: Enhanced Financial Line Item Experience.