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Search for Items Within a Project Using Procore Search


To search for items within a project using Procore Search.


Procore Search provides a single, consistent search experience across tools in a project. Instead of needing to search separately within each tool, you can search for items across an entire project to quickly locate the information you need. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Read Only' level permissions or higher on the project's Home tool. 
      Note: You can only see search results for items that you have permission to view. 
  • Additional Information:


  1. Navigate to the relevant project in Procore. 
  2. Click the Search bar in the Procore header or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+K (for PCs) or CMD+K (for Macs).
    Note: If you are already in a specific tool, the search bar defaults to searching that tool specifically. See Filter Search Results by Tool below to see how you can add tool filters to broaden your search.
  3. Begin typing your search term in the search bar.
    Relevant results will begin displaying in a list. If your search term appears to be a typo, search results will be shown with a replacement term. However, you can click the link next to 'Search instead for' to run the search with your original term. 
    Typeahead searches (including partial searches) are supported for many tools. See What information is searchable using Procore Search? to view a list of the information you can search for.
  4. Click on a search result to go to the item in Procore.  
    Press ENTER on your keyboard or click View All Results to switch to a full page of search results.
    The following actions are available in the full Search page:

View Search Results


  • Search results are sorted by relevance. 
  • Each search result lists the tool, title of the item and relevant information.
  1. If necessary, scroll through the list of results.
  2. If there are multiple pages of search results, use the Page drop-down menu or arrow icons to switch between pages.


Filter Search Results by Tool

You can use the Filters menu to narrow down search results by one or more tools.

  1. If the Filters panel is not already open, click Filters.
  2. Click the Tool drop-down menu.
  3. Select each tool that you want to include search results from.
    Note: Only tools with matching results are available to select as filters. Results are automatically adjusted as you apply or remove filters.
  4. Optional:
    • Click the x icon next to a tool if you want to remove it as a filter.
    • Click Clear All if you want to remove all filters and show all results.
    • Click the main x icon to if you want to close the Filters panel.
      Note: Closing the Filters panel does not remove applied filters.
  5. Optional:
    • When searching for either RFIs, Submittals or Specifications only and not in combination with any other tools, you can choose additional criteria by which to further filter results. The available criteria are listed below for each tool that has advanced filtering available:
      • Assignee
      • Action required by
      • Closed Date
      • Location
      • RFI Manager
      • RFI Stage
      • Status
      • Sub Job
      • Approver
      • Action required by
      • Created By
      • Response
      • Spec Section
      • Status
      • Submittal Package
      • Type
      • Division
      • Set

      Advanced filter options are visible in the left panel of the Project Search results window when a supported tool selection is made:


Navigate to an Item from a Search Result

Each item in your search results has a blue hyperlink to the item in the project.

  • Click the title of an item to be redirected to it in the relevant Procore tool.

Start a New Search

  1. To clear your previous search, click the x in the search bar.
  2. Enter your new search term.

Search the Procore Support Centre

If you have entered a search and no search results are found, you have the option to search the Procore Support Centre for resources. 

  1. If you see a message that no results were found, click View Support Centre Tab.
    Note: You can also click the Support Centre tab at any time after a search. 
  2. Relevant results are shown in a list.
    • Click an article title to open the relevant article in a new tab on
    • Click View All Support Centre Results to view all search results in a new tab on .

Exit out of Procore Search

  • To exit out of the Search window, click the x icon at the top right corner of the screen. 

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