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Email a Potential Variation for a Main Contract


To send a Main Potential Variation (PV) to a Procore user by email. 


A potential variation outlines the alterations that may need to be made to the current contract requirements and amounts. After you create a PV, use the steps below to send the PV to another Procore user by email. Typically, the recipient of this email will be the person responsible for approving the PV. This gives that recipient the ability to reply back to the email with a message that either confirms that the potential variation is approved or rejected. Any email replies to this message are captured and stored in the Emails tab of the variation. 

Things to Consider



  1. Navigate to the project's Main Contracts tool.
  2. Locate the main contract that contains the PV that you want to send by email.  Then click its Number link. 
  3. Click the Variations tab.
  4. Open the PV you want to email by clicking View.
  5. Click Email.
  6. Complete the following:
    • To. Enter the name of the user you would like to email forward the variation to.
    • CC. Enter the name of any users who would like to be copied on the email.
    • Private. Check the box so that only users with 'Admin' permissions or those in the email distribution can view the email.
    • Subject. Verify the subject. Procore populates this field automatically with the variation data. You can edit the subject as you want. 
    • Attachments. Attach any relevant documents or files.
    • Message. Enter a message in the field. 
  7. Click Send
    Any responses to the message appears in the Emails tab in the variation.