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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Snag List tool. 

Recent Changes

Working Days for Due Dates on Snag List Items (3/9/2020)

With the newly added ability to configure which days are classified as 'working days' in a project, due dates for snag list items will now depend on the project's 'working days'. See Set Project Working Days and Configure Advanced Settings: Snag List.

Updates to Snag List Item PDF Export (3/4/2020)

Additional fields from a snag list item are now included in a PDF export of the snag list item. See Export a Snag List Item as a PDF.

Create Custom Fields for Snag List Tool (19/2/2020)

Company Admin users can now create custom fields and add them to configurable fieldsets in the Snag List tool. See Create New Custom Fields.