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This page lists the notable changes for the Project level Specifications tool for 2016.

Updated the PDF Viewer In The Specifications Tool (24/10/2016)

Updated the Specification tool's PDF Viewer to fix minor loading issues.

Spec Number Link Now Opens Spec In Fullscreen Viewer (28/9/2016)

Updated the Specifications tool to make the Spec Number a clickable link that now open the spec in the Fullscreen Viewer.

Added Accent Characters To Specifications Tool's Whitelist (21/8/2016)

Updated the allowed characters whitelist for the Specifications tool. A whitelist defines the allowed symbols and characters. The Specifcations tool now allows accent characters, including é, à, â, ô and è.

Added 'None' To Set Drop-Down List For Manually Created Spec Sections (15/9/2016)

Updated the Project level Specifications tool to add a 'None' selection to the 'Set' drop-down list under the 'General Information' area of the edit page for a manually created spec section.

Added A 'Saving Changes' Indicator To Specs Review Page (8/9/2016)

Updated the Specifications tool to add a 'Saving Changes..." message in the lower left corner of the Specs Review page while the system is saving. This changes to 'Saved' after the save is complete.

Added Learn More Link To Support Article In The Upload Failed Area (25/8/2016)

Updated the Specifications tool to add a "Learn More" link in the 'Upload Failed' area.

Updated Progress Spinner In Specifications Tool (18/8/2016)

Updated the Specifications tool to use a new loading progress spinner.

New 'Number To Ignore' Field In Specifications (17/8/2016)

Updated the Specifications tool add a 'Number to Ignore' field in the 'Advanced Options' area of Upload Specifications window. Users can enter a number to ignore during processing so that the results are more accurate. Also added a tooltip explaining the option, which includes a link to a support article with more information.

Improved User Experience For Specifications Tool Drop-Down List (15/8/2016)

Updated the fullscreen viewer in the Specifications tool so that when a user select a spec from the drop-down list to navigate to the selected drawing, the system focus is placed on the individual spec section they are currently on.

Added 'None' Selection To 'Set' Drop-Down In Specifications Tool (11/8/2016)

Updated the Specifications tool to add a 'None' selection in the 'Set' drop-down list when editing a spec. This selection is only available for specs that do NOT have a corresponding PDF (i.e., specs that have been migrated to the Specifications tool from the Project level Admin tab and specs that have been manually created via the '+Manually Create' buttons the Specifications tool).

Fixed 'Name Already Exists" Issue Affecting Uploads (5/8/2016)

Updated the Specifications tool to fix an error that occurred when a user attempted to upload a new spec with the name of a previously existing set that had been deleted. The error would alert the user that the "Name already exists" event though the previous spec had been deleted. This no longer occurs.

Fixed PDF Issue In Specifications Tool (28/7/2016)

Updated the Specifications tool to fix an issue with the Review page when a single PDF spec book contained pages of different sizes and/or page orientations. The content in these types of pages now appear as expected. 

Added Create New Spec Section Option To Submittals Tool (12/7/2016)

Updated the Submittals to add a "Create New Spec Section" option in the Spec Section drop down list. This gives users to create spec sections on-the-fly (that are added to the Specifications tool) when they are creating submittal items and submittal packages. See Create a Submittal

Updated Drawings And Specifications Tools To Prevent Duplicate Numbers (30/6/2016)

Updated the Drawings and Specifications tools to enhance backend handling of trailing/leading spaces in Drawing/Spec Number to minimise creation of duplicate numbers.

Fixed Issue With Division Rows Rendering In Specifications Tool (16/6/2016)

Updated the Specifications tool to fix a duplication issue that occurred when rendering Division rows.

Added A Deleted Specifications Report For New Projects (26/5/2016)

Updated the project's Specifications tool to add 'Deleted Specifications' to the 'Specifications Report' menu in the right pane. For information about the reports, see View a Deleted Specifications Report.

Added Zoom Functionality To Fullscreen Viewer (25/5/2016)

Added Zoom functionality to the Fullscreen viewer in the Specifications tool.

Added Set And File Name To Better Show Upload Progress To Inspections Tool (19/5/2016)

Updated the Specifications tool so that the GRAY headline area of the upload progress indicator in the right sidebar now shows both the set name and the file name. This makes it easier for users to determine which file is being uploaded, particularly when attempting to upload multiple files to the same set. When the label exceeds the space allowed, an ellipsis (…) is now used. To see the full set name and file name, users can hover their cursor over the label to reveal the full set and file name in a powertip.

Added Specifications to Project Extracts (6/5/2016)

Admin users who have been granted the 'Can Run Extracts' privilege can now extract data from the Specifications tool using the New Extract option. 

Removed First Section's 'Remove Break' Link In Specifications Tool (3/5/2016)

Updated the Specifications tool to modify the 'Remove Break' link in the the Specs Review Page. Since you can't remove first section (or add a section before the first section), the "Remove Break" link for the first section has been removed. This same behaviour will also work after publishing the first section. After a first section is published, the following section (what was previously the second section) will then become the first section in the review page, so the "Remove Break" link will be removed in the same manner.

Users Can Now Mark Spec Sections 'Obsolete' (22/4/2016)

Updated the Specifications Tool to add the ability for user to mark a Specification Section as 'obsolete'.

Added Training Video For Managing Specifications (17/3/2016)

Updated the Project level Specifications tool to add the 'Manage Specifications' training video the list of Training Videos in the right pane.

Added Confirmation Prompt For Duplicate Spec Sections (4/3/2016)

Updated the Project level Specifications tool to add a confirmation message that prompts users when one tries to create a new spec section, but that spec section's number already exists. The prompt reads: "This spec section header already exists. Would you like to remove the existing header and place it here?" The user has the option to click Cancel or Yes, Move it Here. See Manually Create Spec Sections.

Redesigned the Upload Progress Bar in the Specifications Tool (4/3/2016)

Updated the Project level Specifications tool by redesigning the Specifications Upload Progress indicator to improve the user experience. See Upload Specifications

Now Applying CSI MasterFormat Code To TOCs In Specifications Tool (29/2/2016)

Updated the Project level Specifications tool so that when a user uploads a specification, Procore now uses the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Master Format to obtain the Division number and assign the spec section Number to the Table of Contents (TOC) pages. Procore's default behaviour for TOC's is to set the Spec Section number to 000110 during the upload process and once published, include the TOC within Div.00.

Restyled Table Of Contents On Specs Review (25/2/2016)

On the Specifications review page, Procore added powertips to the table of contents entries that have ellipses on the ends of them so that the whole spec name can be read. Also changed the page count in the table of contents from showing a number to displaying the page range in which that section resides.

When Specifications Tool Is Enabled, The List Of Specs In Inspections Is Grouped (2/16/ 2016)

If the Project level Specifications tool is enabled, the Specifications drop-down list in the Inspections tool should group items by Division Number. If the Specifications tool is disabled, it will display a standard list of items.

Updated Location Of System Focus For Review Pages In Specifications Tool (16/2/2016)

Updated the Project level Specifications tool so that when a user clicks the Number, Description and Edit icon on the Review page for a Section and Division, Procore now correctly opens the inline editor and places system focus on the right input.