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Version 1.5.1 (12/22/2015)
  1. Procore Drive now offers the option to have Procore Drive automatically log a user in by saving the username and password.
  2. Added clockwise and counterclockwise photo rotation
  3. Added ability to double click version to open a document
  4. Added ability to right click to download or open a document  
Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.5 (14/12/2015)
  1. Updated Email Upload Success Notification

    • The Procore Drive program has been updated to do a better job of notifying users when email uploads are complete. To ensure the user is properly noticed, users must now click the notification message to dismiss it from the screen display.  

  2. Modified the Look of the Procore Drive Icon to Differentiate it from the Procore Drive Icon

    • ​​The icon for the Install Procore Drive program (ProcoreDriveSetup.exe) has been updated to look like an open box. This makes it easier for users to differentiate the setup program from the Procore Drive program.

  3. Added Search Functionality to the Documents Tool in Procore Drive

    • ​​Users can now search perform keyword searches to find documents with file names in the Documents tool.

Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.4 (11/19/15)
  1. Added Ability To Drag And Drop Emails Into Procore Drive
    • Procore Drive users can now drag and drop one or more emails from Outlook to Procore Drive and have them logged in the project Emails tab. Attachments remain part of the email thread. If an email already exists in Procore and it is imported again via Procore Drive, an additional record of that email is created.
  2. Procore Drive Shortcut Will Update With New Deploys
    • Fixed an issue where the desktop shortcut to Procore Drive wasn't being updated even though the application was.
  3. New Versions Of Procore Drive Will Remember User Information
    • ​​​When updating Procore Drive, optionally saved user information (username, password) will still be remembered in the new update.
Updated Procore Drive to version 1.3.1 (10/27/15)

This version of Procore Drive included the following changes:

  1. Added Installation Progress Bar
    • Some clients were experiencing an issue where the installation was occurring, but there was no feedback from a UI to indicate as much. So ​Procore Drive now shows the progress of the Procore Drive installation and successful completion.
  2. No Longer Allow a Two Simultaneous Updates of Procore Drive
    • ​If a user is updating Procore Drive to a new version, Procore Drive disallow the ability to start a 2nd update.
  3. Added Message If User Has Already Installed Latest Version of Procore Drive
    • ​Procore Drive now presents the user with a message that they already have the latest version of Procore Drive installed instead of sending them through the install process two times.
  4. ​Removed Error Message If Procore Drive Is Already Installed
    • ​Procore Drive won't show a failure message if a user tries to install Procore Drive and it is already installed. Instead, the user won't be able to reinstall in the first place.
Updated Procore Drive to version 1.3 (10/12/15)

This version of Procore Drive included the following changes:

  1. Added Notification Centre to Procore Drive
    • Procore Drive now has a notification centre that highlights the features that have been released with the past few versions.
  2. Added Bobcat to Procore Drive
    • Added a background installer named Bobcat. This allows for Procore to release features and enhancements to Procore Drive 'silently' in the background so that we won't intrude with the users' experience as we ship code more frequently.
  3. Alphabetized Company Picker
    • ​Procore Drive company picker is now sorted alphabetically.
  4. Clicking Procore Logo Sends User to Company/Project on Web

    • ​​Clicking Procore logo in Procore Drive now sends the user to Company/Project in the web app.

  5. Upgraded All Procore Drive Projects to .Net 4.5

    • ​​We now support .net 4.5 frameworks, which expands the software frameworks supported by Procore Drive.

Updated Procore Drive to version 1.2 (19/6/2015)

This version of Procore Drive included the following changes:

  1. UI/UX Re-Skin For Procore Drive
    • Reskin for Procore Drive to match the standard look and feel of the Procore apps.
  2. Added SQL LITE For P6 Support 
    • P6 has upgraded to work with a database called SQLite that users can install on their computer to house their programme items. When "integrating" with P6, Procore Drive never pulls information from P6 itself, but rather from the database that P6 pulls information from. SQLite is a new and simple database that stores everything in a single file for programs like P6 to pull information from. Procore Drive can now "talk" to this new database when integrating a programme from P6.
  3. Password Field Now Refocus After A Login Error In Procore Drive
    • After a user has a failed log in attempt in Procore Drive (their password/username doesn't match the information in Procore), Procore Drive will now refocus on, or put the cursor in, the password field. 
  4. Fixed Broken Invalid Username/Password Message On Procore Drive Login
    • There is now a message on the login screen of Procore Drive that shows you when you have entered the wrong username and password.
  5. Fixed Misbehaving String Singular/Plural Converter
    • Procore Drive was intermittently crashing when users would download/upload files due to a misbehaving string singular/plural converter. This is now fixed.
  6. Fixed Intermittent Failure In Procore Drive Due To Corrupt Json File
    • Fixed a corrupt json file that was causing a failure to restore a selected company/project in Procore Drive. In the event that Procore Drive cannot successfully restore the previously selected company and project for a user, it will recover so that the next login does not also fail. Note: This does not prevent it from ever failing, but provides a way to recover so it won't be broken forever after failing once.
  7. Fixed Issue Where Drop-Down Menu Would Show Duplicate Project Names
    • Occasionally when logging in, the project drop-down menu would show two of every project. This branch should stop that from happening.
  8. Show Last Modified Dates For All Document Folders In Procore Drive
    • Added a "last modified" field, which shows the date of the last modification to all folders in the documents table views.
Updated Procore Drive to 1.1.2 (1/6/2015)

This version of Procore Drive included the following changse:

  1. Added Upload Failed Prompt
    • When a user clicks Open on a file, makes changes, clicks Save and the upload fails, they will be alerted and given the option to try again or save the changes to the disk.
  2. Improved Performance Of Sorting Documents
    • Sorting documents in Procore Drive has been improved.
  3. Added Top Navigation Bar Styles
  4. Filtered Relevant File Extensions in File Pickers
    • Procore Drive's file picker dialogues filters to show the appropriate filetypes for the current action a user is performing. 
  5. Fixed Issue Where Users Could Edit Multiple Fields
    • Fixed issue where users couuld switch to editing a different field, which would cause the first field they were editing to not submit.
  6. Fixed Issue Where Editable Text Field Showed Wrong Cursor
  7. Fixed Issue Where Users Could Not Open a File Twice
    • Fixed issues where users could not open a file, close it and then reopen it.
  8. Fixed Crash When Downloading a File
  9. Various other bug fixes and improvements
Updated Procore Drive to 1.1 (1/4/2015)

This version of Procore Drive includes the following changes:

  1. Added Project # To Project Name Drop-down Menu
    • A lot of projects use a project number to help make searching and locating the right project easier. They can memorise a 4 digit number easier than the project names. This follows the web standards for project name and introduces the project number (if it exists) in the drop-down menu. (Example: "3316 Betteravia" as opposed to just "Betteravia")
  2. Procore Drive Will Now Remove Any Whitespace After a Document Name
    • If a user tries to call a folder, "Folder Name ", Procore Drive will take off the spaces at the end and save it as, "Folder Name".
  3. The Delete Button In Procore Drive Programmes Tab Is Now Grey
    • Users do not have the ability to delete anything in the Programme tool, so we greyed out the delete button to be more clear of that intentional non-functionality.
  4. Refresh Button Now Refreshes Current Item As Well As Current Tool
    • The refresh button now refreshes the current item, as well as the current tool. This is useful for when a user has uploaded a document in Procore and wants to hit the refresh button to load it in the file tree, as well as reload the current item they are looking at.
  5. Replaced Drop-Down Tool Selector With Tabs
    • To make it more clear to a user what tool they are using and what tools are available, we changed the UI of the drop-down tool selector to a selection of tabs.
  6. Set A Default Title For Blank Or Unrecognized Titles In Procore Drive
    • Before, if a user tried to download a folder using characters that Microsoft doesn't support ("|%|%%|"), the folder name would appear blank. Now, if a user downloads a folder with a blank title or a title that has illegal characters, it will have " - " as the title.
  7. Fixed Issue Where P6 Integration Was Appearing To Not Work
    • When uploading a P6 programme, the percentage loaded would only show when the percentage was at 0% or 100%, thus confusing the user into thinking that the upload wasn't working. This is fixed: the percentage number will increase with the status of the upload.
  8. Fixed Issue When Opening a Previously Closed File In Procore Drive Would Cause Crash
    • If users opened a file that they had already opened and then closed, the file crashed. This fixes this issue and users will now be able to open files without a problem.
  9. Fixed Documents "Browse For Folder" Button
    • Fixed issue where user saw a "Browse for Folder" (to download the file/folder into) pop-up when nothing was selected to download. The button is now hidden when nothing is selected to download.
  10. Fixed Issue Where Submitting A Text Box With No Text Caused Crash
    • Fixed issue where saving a text box with no text entered caused a crash.
Updated Procore Drive to 1.0.2 (2/2015)

This version of Procore Drive includes:

  1. a fix for the intermittent DragDrop crash
  2. a fix that prevents 'Standard' level users from being able to create folders from the table-view in Procore Drive