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Release Notes for 2017-12-11

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, December 8 2017.

pl-core.png Core

    • New Granular Permissions for the Budget Tool
      Added two (2) new granular permissions to the permission templates feature in the Company level Directory tool to give users with 'Read Only' and 'Standard' level permission on the Budget tool the ability to (1) create and update the original budget amount and (2) import a budget from CSV. See Directory: New Granular Permissions for the Budget Tool.
    • Added Trades Filter (Beta View)
      Updated the Company level Directory tool (Beta View) to add a new 'Trades' filter in the Companies view. See (BETA) Search the Company Directory.
    • Added User's 'Job Title' to the Name Column
      Updated the Company and Project level Directory tool (Beta View) to add your contact's 'Job Title' to the 'Name' column in the table display.
    • Enabled vCard (*.vcf) Downloads
      Procore users with 'Read Only' level permission on the Company or Project level Directory tools can now download vCards from Procore. Prior to this update, this capability was limited to 'Admin' users. See Download a VCard for a Contact.

pl-project-management.png Product Management


    • Admins Can Now Download All Cover Sheets and Attachments
      Users with 'Admin' permission to the Tendering tool can now download all the tender sheets and attachments with a single click. Tender sheets download as a single PDF document, along with the tender package details and tender list. All attachments are organised within separate files in a ZIP file. See Tendering: Download All Cover Sheets and Attachments.

  • RFIs

    • Procore for iOS Updates

      • (iOS) Added the ability to create an RFI item using the Quick Action button.

      • (iOS) Users can now create and link an RFI in offline mode.

      • (iOS) Added RFIs to the Location tool.

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials

    • Added Payment application Contacts for Payment applications
      • Added 'Invoice Contacts' to the General, Purchase Order and Work Order tabs when creating, editing or viewing a contract. 
      • Changed the name of the 'Request Billing Distribution' field to 'Invoice Contacts' on the General and Advanced Settings tab. 
      • The Payment application Contacts field on both the contract General and Advanced Settings subtabs now only shows the email-able contacts for the contract company selected.

pl-quality-safety.png Quality & Safety


    • Added a new 'Created By' Filter
      Added a new 'Created By' filter to the Site Diary tool. This provides users with the ability to narrow down the entries by creator and can be used to report on multiple work shifts on the same day or for reporting on projects with multiple site managers. See Site Diary: Added "Created By" Filter.

    • Added a new 'Created By' Column
      Users with 'Admin' permission to the Site Diary can mark the new Show Created By On Diary Entries tickbox to add the 'Created By' column to the Site Diary configuration.

    • Mobile Update:

      • (iOS) Added the Productivity Log to the Site Diary tool. 


    • Added a calendar control to the Incidents Tool
      Users can now apply a date when filtering data in the Incidents tool. 


    • Changed Column Names On Inspection Reports
      Changed the column headers on the Inspection Report from "Passed" and "Failed"  to ✔ and ✘ respectively. Also, changed the 'No Status' column header to 'No Response.'

pl-field-productivity.png Field Productivity

    • Added a new 'Description' field to the Timesheets Tool
      • Updated the Project level Timesheets tool to add a 'Description' field so users can include remarks that detail the work they performed (e.g., the person was not on the job site, but completed a delivery). See Timesheets: Sign & Verify Timesheet Entries.
    • Mobile Updates
      • (iOS & Android) Employees can now add their signature to timesheet entries to confirm that their hours are correct.