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Release Notes for 2018-05-07

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, May 4, 2018.

Core | Product Management | Construction Financials | Quality & Safety | Field Productivity | App Marketplace

pl-core.png Core

Updated Unit Quantity Based Budget Page (30/4/2018)

Updated the Project level Admin tool's 'Unit Quantity Based Budget' page so you can now view your imported budgeted hours for the Labour Budget to Actual Report. See Set Up a Labour Budget to Actual Report.

Added Column for Accepted Terms & Conditions on Custom Directory Reports (1/5/2018)

Updated the custom reports feature in the Reports tool to add a new column for Accepted Terms and Conditions for custom Directory reports.

Added Programme Columns to Custom Programme Reports (30/4/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tools to add programme fields to the custom reports feature: Baseline Start, Baseline Finish, Start Variance and Finish Variance.

pl-project-management.png Product Management

Added a Progress Indicator to Show the Update Status of Adaptive OCR (3/5/2018)

Updated the Drawings tool's Review page to add a progress indicator (i.e., spinner) to the area on the left. This better communicates to end users the system's progress for adaptive OCR updates on drawings.

New Columns in Tables on Tabs in Submittals Tool (4/5/2018)

Added the 'Location' and 'Created At' columns to the  tabs in the Submittals tool. To see the new columns, click the 'Reset to Default' link under column settings. See Customise the Column Display in the Submittals Tool. If you have applied any settings or arranged columns to appear in a particular order prior to the reset, those will settings will need to be applied again.

Added an Apply Workflow Option to the Bulk Actions Menu (30/4/2018)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool to add a new Apply Workflow option to the Bulk Actions menu. This provides users with 'Admin' level permission with the ability to apply a submittal workflow template to multiple submittals. To use this option, Submittals must be in the 'Draft' status and there can be no submitters or approvers applied to a submittal for the Apply Workflow option to be effective. See Submittals: New Bulk Actions > Apply Workflow Option.

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials

'Void' Moved to Status Drop Down List (30/4/2018)

Updated the Variations tool and Commitments tools to remove the 'Void' tickbox from the Variation PV and Commitments PV forms. There is now a 'Void' selection in the 'Status' drop-down list for variations so the tickbox is no longer be needed. See Create a Main Contract Variation and Create a Commitment Variation CV.

Group Payment applications in the Billings Tab (2/5/2018)

Updated the Commitments tool to add a 'Group' setting on the Billings tab. 

Bulk Apply a Status on Multiple Payment Applications While Editing Billings (3/5/2018)

End users can now change the status of multiple payment applications at one time. To do this, navigate to the Commitments tool and click the Billings tab, click the new Edit button. In the Status drop-down menu, select the desired status and click the Save Edits button. This applies the selected status on all of the specified payment applications. 

Added Informational Fields to the Email Notifications for the Payment applications Tool (1/5/2018)

Updated the email notifications from Procore related to payment applications workflow. Outgoing emails now include these fields: Contract Company, Contract Title, Status and Amount.  Also added the company name to email subject lines on the 'Action Required' and 'State Change' notifications.

ERP Integrations
Added Ready to Import Notification Message for Budget's Ready to Import (3/5/2018)

Updated the ERP Integrations tool so that now, a popup message appears to notify users when a budget in an integrated ERP system has budget data that is ready to be imported. This alerts the user that they can import a budget, instead of going foward with creating a budget line item in Procore.

Main Contract
Show and Hide Cost Code on Payment Application PDF (2/5/2018)

Updated the Configure Settings page of the Project level Main Contract tool to add a Show Cost Code on PDF checkbox. Place a mark in this checkbox to show the Cost Code column on the PDF export file for a Payment Application. Remove the tick to hide the Cost Code column.

pl-quality-safety.png Quality & Safety

Site Diary
Attachments From Daily Construction Report Now Included in PDFs (1/5/2018)

Updated the Project level Site Diary tool so that PDF files now include attachments from the Daily Construction Report.

Snag List
Changed Name of 'Detail' Column to 'Description' (4/5/2018)

Updated the Project level Snag List tool to change the name of the 'Detail' column on the Detail tab to 'Description.' This change has also been made on the Snag List Items with Details table.

pl-field-productivity.png Field Productivity

Bulk Enter Timesheet Information for Selected Users (4/5/2018)

Users now have the ability to select specific employees to Bulk Enter Time information for. 

Changed Column Name in Labour Budget to Actual Report (3/5/2018)

Updated the Project level Timesheets tool to rename the 'Sub Job' column to 'Sub Job Code' in the CSV export file of the Labour Budget to Actual Report.

Updated Column Name 'Timesheet ID' to 'Timesheet Name' (3/5/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tool to change the name of one of the 'Timesheet ID' columns to 'Timesheet Name.'

Added Success Banner Notification when Creating a Timesheet (3/5/2018)

A success banner now appears to notify users when a timesheet is created.

Added Filters to the Timesheets Tool (2/5/2018)

Added filters to the Timesheets tool.

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

Procore Initiated SSO
Added Multiple Domain Support to Procore-Initiated SSO Integrations (1/5/2018)  

For companies who want to implement a Single Sign On (SSO) integration with Procore, we've added multiple domain support. See Admin: Added Multiple Domain Support to Procore-Initiated SSO Integrations.