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Release Notes for 2019-12-30

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Construction Platform Release Notes

Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, December 27, 2019.

Core Tools

'Bulk Add from Company Directory' Now Shows External Vendor ID

When adding vendors using the 'Bulk Add from Company Directory' feature, the vendors' external IDs display in a new column in the selection table. The external IDs are the vendors' unique IDs from an ERP integrated system. See Bulk Add Users and Companies to a Project Directory.

Project Management

Create, Edit and Delete Instructions from Mobile

For projects that use the Instructions tool, users can now create, edit and delete instructions using the Procore iOS and Android apps. See Instructions (iOS) and Instructions (Android). Currently, the ability to re-issue an instruction is only available on web.
Note: The Instructions tool is developed specifically for Procore clients in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 


Financial Management

No notable changes.

Resource Management

No notable changes.

App Marketplace

Visit the Procore App Marketplace: