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Release Notes for 2020-02-03

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Construction Platform Release Notes

Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, January 31, 2020.

Core Tools

Configurable Alerts and Severity for Incident Injury/Illness Records

Procore has added two new tabs to the Incidents Tool Settings in the Company level Admin tool called 'Alerts' and 'Severity'. Users with Admin level permissions on the Company level Admin tool can configure a colour-coded scale for the severity of injury/illness records based on the records' filing types. Alerts in the form of email or push notifications sent to specified recipient groups can also be configured based on the injury/illness records' severity. See Configure Alerts and Severity for Incidents.


Prequalification Portal
New Prequalification Portal Tool

With the new Prequalification Portal tool, you can view, submit and respond to a variation request for your prequalification form.

New Prequalifications Tool 

With the new Prequalifications tool, you can configure the prequalification form and invite companies to prequalify. Once a prequalification form has been submitted, you can then review, comment, create a variation request and prequalify a company.

Project Management

Ability to Create Observations from the Models Tool in the Procore iOS Mobile App

Users with 'Standard' or 'Admin' permissions to the Observations tool can now choose to create an observation while viewing a model in the Models tool on the Procore iOS app. See Create Observations from a Model (iOS).

Financial Management

Import Job Cost Transactions from Sage 300 CRE® into Procore

If your Procore company account is integrated with Sage 300 CRE® you now have the ability to import job cost transaction data from Sage 300 CRE®. Once imported,  the lump-sum cost values of those transactions can be viewed in the 'Direct Costs' column on a budget line item. In addition, users who are assigned the appropriate granular permission can also click the value in the 'Direct Costs' column in the budget tool to open a window showing detailed information about the direct cost. See Sync Job Cost Transactions from Sage 300 CRE® into Procore.

Resource Management

No notable changes.

App Marketplace

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