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Release Notes for 2020-03-16

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Construction Platform Release Notes

Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, March 13, 2020.

Core Tools

Ability to Set Working Days for Projects

Procore has released the Working Days functionality that allows users with 'Admin' permissions in the Project level Admin tool to define which days of the week are considered working days of the project. Non-working days will be excluded when calculating the due date of an item. See Set Project Working Days.

Note: Working Days will affect the due dates of items in the following tools:

  • Observations
  • Snag List
  • RFIs
  • RFQs created from Change Events
  • Submittals
  • Tasks


No notable changes.

Project Management

Coordination Issues
New Procore Plugin Filter Options

The Procore plugin now allows users to filter issues marked as "Closed" and "Moved to Observations." This release also includes the restructuring of the viewpoints folders to include folders by status when users save an NWD through the Procore plugin.

Ability to Import Viewpoints into the Procore Mobile Models Viewer

Users with 'Admin' permissions on the project's Models tool are now able to import their Viewpoints from Navisworks® into the Models viewer on the Procore iOS app. See View Models (iOS).

Financial Management

Automatic RFQ Response Attachments

Procore has released an update to reduce the amount of time project managers spend uploading attachments to variations. This update helps to save time uploading change-related documentation by automatically populates the Attachments area of your variations with the latest attachments on RFQ responses. To learn more, see Change Events: Automatic RFQ Response Attachments.

Resource Management

No notable changes.

App Marketplace

Visit the Procore App Marketplace: