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Admin: Custom Fields and Custom Sections for RFIs Tool

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: February 22, 2021

Create Custom Fields for the RFIs Tool

Procore has added the ability to create custom fields in the Company level Admin tool for the project's RFIs tool. These custom fields function like other fields in Procore and can be included in reports in the Company and Project level Reports tools. See Create New Custom Fields.

Users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Admin tool can create custom fields from either the Custom Fields tab or from within a configurable fieldset (new or existing) from the Fieldsets tab in the RFIs tool settings pages in the Company level Admin tool. Custom fields need to be added to a configurable fieldset in order to be used on one or more projects. See Create New Configurable Fieldsets and Edit Configurable Fieldsets.


  • Custom fields must have unique names.
  • An RFI fieldset can have a maximum of 10 custom fields.
  • Only one RFI fieldset can be configured on each project.
  • Custom fields can be removed from configurable fieldsets, but this does not remove the data associated with that field. See Remove Custom Fields from Configurable Fieldsets.
  • Custom fields are available via Procore's API (Read/Write) and custom reporting at the Company and Project level.
  • Custom fields for the project's RFIs tool are not currently reportable in Procore Analytics.

Create Custom Sections for the RFIs Tool

In addition to custom fields, Procore has added the ability to create custom sections for the project's RFIs tool. Custom sections allow you to group custom fields together in one or more separate, user-defined sections. Custom sections are displayed below an RFI's General Information section. See Create Custom Sections.