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Models (iOS): 2D Views for Floors and Ceilings

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: December 12, 2022

Create 2D Views for Floors and Ceilings in the Models Tool (iOS)

In addition to being able to create 2D views for walls in the Models tool on Procore's app for iOS, you can now create 2D views for floors and ceilings. See Getting Started Guide: 2D Views in the Models Tool and Create 2D Views (iOS). This release also includes the ability to save a 2D view as a PDF file that you can share from your device.
Note: At this time, the 2D Views feature for floors and ceilings is only available for Revit® objects. Support for other types will be added in a future release.



  • The 'Pan View' menu that was included with 2D Views for walls has been renamed to 'Depth'. A Depth icon-models-depth-ios.png icon will also be shown as an option in the toolbar when no objects are selected.
  • If there are multiple grid angles in the project, 'Unique Grid Angles' is shown on the bottom of the screen. If you need to switch grid angles, you can tap Switch.
  • If you want to save a 2D view to share or print, you can click the share icon-share-2-ios.png icon to share it as a PDF file. The PDF includes an approximate scale to calibrate measurements.
  • You can press and hold on an area of the 2D view to navigate to the corresponding area in the 3D model. The camera will automatically angle downward for floors and upwards for ceilings. A section plane will be applied to the 3D model at the surface of the floor or ceiling. However, the section can be removed if needed.
    Note: This feature is not available for walls.