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Welcome to Procore Email for Internal Staff


The key to any successful rollout of Procore within an organisation is ensuring that each team member understands how to properly use Procore to perform their specific job's responsibilities. One way to streamline user adoption of Procore across your company is by properly introducing your staff to the Procore platform and giving them the necessary tools and resources to ensure their success.

It's recommended that you send your internal staff an email at the beginning of your global rollout that properly introduces them to Procore. We've provided an email template that you can leverage for an internal rollout.

Email Template

Copy and paste the below email into your email client to send a welcome email to your staff.


Hi _______,

{YOUR_COMPANY_NAME} has made a considerable investment in a new cloud-based, construction management software platform called Procore. We will use Procore to manage all of the day-to-day tasks associated with the construction management of our projects. It is our goal to have all construction management related tasks performed via the Procore platform.

Login Information
To begin this process, you'll receive a "Welcome to Procore" email invitation. Once you set up your Procore login credentials (email and password), you'll be able to log in and access our Procore account.

Getting Started
Procore offers several free resources for ongoing support and training.

  1. Read Getting Started with Procore
  2. Review the Learning Path that most closely aligns with your primary role and responsibilities. Please familiarise yourself with how you will use the various construction management tools to perform your related tasks.
  3. Complete your appropriate role-based Procore Certification course. (Note: It's recommended that "power users" such as Project Managers complete the "Procore Certification: Project Manager" course series.)

Additional Training/Support Resources
If you have any questions or problems using Procore, please use the "Support and Feedback" link at the top of Procore's web application for quick links to all help related resources. Quickly access Procore's Support site (, contact Technical Support via email or live chat, sign-up for training webinars and more. All help resources are FREE to all users.

Help resources

The use of Procore is most effective when used in a collaborative environment. Your active participation and consistent usage of Procore is critical to our company's success. We look forward to collaborating together on our next project.

For any company-specific questions or concerns, please contact _______________.

{YOUR_COMPANY_NAME}'s Implementation Team