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What messages and alerts can people respond to in Workforce Planning?


When managing your workforce, you can send helpful message to update the team about weather, programmes or share information with certain job titles. See Send a Message for Workforce Planning.

You can also send assignment alerts to notify the assignees and share key information about their workforce assignment such as when they have a new assignment or when there are updates to dates, times, projects or locations. See Send Assignment Alerts in Workforce Planning.

Other notifications can be sent from Workforce Planning such as when a new workforce request is submitted or when a tag is expiring.

For recipients to receive communications, their preferred communication method must be enabled on their profile. See Edit People in Workforce Planning.


Recipients can respond to some of these messages by SMS message (message and data rates may apply), email or in the Workforce Planning/LaborChart app. Below are the different communication types and the options for response:

  • Messages - By default, recipients can respond to messages via email or the Workforce Planning/LaborChart App.
  • Assignment Alerts - Recipients can respond to assignment alerts if responses have been enabled in the default assignment alert settings. See Configure Default Assignment Alerts.
  • Notifications - Recipients cannot respond to other platform notifications.


Communication Type Definition Origin Receipt Method Response Method
Assignment Alert Any communication related to assignment information
  • New workforce assignment
  • Edit to an assignment
  • Assignment deletion
  • Assignment transfer
  • Project-based assignment alert
  • Assignments list

If enabled on their profile:

  • SMS 
  • Email
  • Mobile App

If responses are enabled:

  • SMS (with generated code)
  • Email
  • Workforce Planning/LaborChart mobile app

Any communication not related to assignments:

  • Weather communication
  • Meeting communication
  • Specific job title communication
  • Messages tool
  • People tool
  • Assignment Boards
  • Assignment Gantt
  • Project-specific communication

If enabled on their profile:

  • SMS 
  • Email
  • Mobile App


  • Email
  • Workforce Planning/LaborChart mobile app
Notification Platform action-activity sent to users.
  • New workforce request submitted
  • Tag expiring

If enabled on their profile:

  • Email
  • Mobile app