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What options are available for the Gantt chart view in the Project level Programme tool?


There are several different options available for adjusting your view of a project's programme in the Gantt chart view, such as zoom levels, filters and configurable columns. 

See the steps below on how to use these features:

  1. Navigate to the project's Programme tool.
  2. Click Gantt.
    You will see a Gantt chart with horizontal bars that illustrate the amount of work done relative to the amount of time given to complete that task. 

    The following colours and shapes can be seen on the Gantt chart:
    Note: When Percent (%) Complete is enabled, the colour of the bars will have a lower saturation of colour to indicate the percentage that is complete. 
    • Red: Critical
    • Blue: Not Critical
    • Black: Summary task
    • Grey Hatch Pattern: Baselines
    • Diamond Shape: Milestone Task

The following options are available when viewing a Gantt chart:

Configure Columns
  1. Click the Configure drop-down menu.
  2. Choose which columns you want included on the Gantt chart:
    • Mark the tickbox next to each option you want to see as a column.
      Tip! Click Select All to show all columns on the programme. 
    • Clear the checkboxes next to any options you want to hide.
  3. Reorder columns on the Gantt chart:
    1. Hover to the left of the column name you want to move.
    2. Click and drag the grip  icon to drop the column name into a new order.

  4. Optional: View or hide all tasks:
    • To view all tasks, click Expand All.
    • To hide all tasks, click Collapse All
  5. Next to Row Height, click one of the line spacing options to select how much room you want between columns. 

  6. Optional: If you want to restore all configurations back to Procore's default settings, click Reset to default in the Configure menu.
View Toggles
  1. Mark or clear the tickboxes next to the programme items depending on what you want shown on the Gantt chart:
    Note: Click the More drop-down menu to reveal additional options. 
    • Critical Path
    • Percent (%) Complete
    • Dependencies
    • Baselines
    • Task Names
    • Resource

Filter Options

  1. Click Add Filter
  2. Choose from the following options to filter by:
    • Date Range
    • Resource
    • Critical Tasks
    • Summary Tasks
    • Completed Tasks
    • Incomplete Tasks
Zoom Levels
  1. Click the - and + icons to zoom in or out of the programme.
  2. Click the drop-down menu to select the timeframe shown for the programme:
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
    • Quarter
    • Year
  3. Optional: Click Today to navigate back to today's date on the Programme.