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Where do the selections in the 'Spec Section' drop-down list come from?


Options that can be selected for the 'Spec Section' field in Procore tools come from spec sections that have been added for the project.

Can I create a new spec section without uploading a file to Procore?

Yes. You can add a new spec section when creating or editing an item, such as an RFI.

If you want to create a new spec section manually, follow the steps below:

  1. When creating or editing an item, click the Spec Section drop-down menu. 
  2. Click Create New Spec Section.
    This opens the Create New Specification Section window. 
  3. Enter a new Spec # and Description.
  4. Click Create Spec Section
    This creates a new spec section and adds it to the Specifications tool (or Admin tool if the project is not using the Specifications tool). 
    Important! Your new spec section will not be associated with a PDF until one is uploaded with a matching title and number. See Upload Specifications or Upload Specification Revisions.